Chuck Schumer and Big Tech are sweating bullets after Republicans put them on notice

Big Tech and Democrats work hand in hand to advance the left’s radical agenda.

This cozy relationship could be coming to an end.

Now, Chuck Schumer and Big Tech are sweating bullets after Republicans put them on notice.

Email is an essential tool for any conservative campaign or cause to bypass the filter of the corporate-controlled media to speak directly to supporters.

As leftist Big Tech titans have centralized control over the internet, email is increasingly controlled by a few companies.

Google’s Gmail has become one of the biggest email services in the country with millions of users accounting for about 35% of emails received.

Google is one of the left-wing Big Tech companies always looking for a way to shut down conservatives.

Whether an email ends up in your inbox or is redirected to spam is determined by Gmail’s shadowy anti-spam algorithm.

Conservative groups have long suspected bias from Gmail for sending their emails into the spam folder.

A study from North Carolina State University caught Google red handed unfairly flagging conservative emails as spam.

The study created email accounts from scratch through major providers like Gmail and Yahoo and signed them up for emails from both Republican and Democrat candidates and political causes.

They discovered that Gmail had the worst bias of any of the major email providers sending Republican emails to spam far more often than Democrat ones.

“(Gmail) marks emails with similar features from the candidates of one political affiliation as spam while it does not mark similar emails from the candidates of the other political affiliation as spam,” the study stated.

This sneaky move by Google was giving Democrats a leg up in elections so Republican Senators confronted the company about the study.

Google denied any wrongdoing and dismissed the Senators’ concerns saying the decision to mark emails as spam was made by the algorithm.

After getting the cold shoulder from Google, Republican Senators are taking action.

South Dakota Senator John Thune along with 20 other Republican Senators are introducing the Political BIAS Emails Act to shut down this deceptive practice.

The bill would prevent Big Tech companies from using filtering algorithms to sort emails from federal political campaigns.

Email providers would also be required to provide information on email filtering directly to campaigns upon request along with producing quarterly reports on Republican and Democrat emails sent to spam.

Thune tore into Google for their underhanded political bias against Republicans.

“Almost 70% of [Republican] political communication was sent to spam,” Thune explained, referring to the North Carolina State study. 

“They did a similar analysis of Democratic emails and found that only 8% had been sent to spam. So clearly there was some algorithm that was being used that was manipulating what people were… seeing,” he added.

“Google or some other tech platforms should not be telling a consumer what they can and cannot receive when it comes to political communications,” he said. “And that to me is just anti-democratic and anti-free market for that matter.”

It remains to be seen the bill’s fate but cracking down on Big Tech is expected to be a priority if the GOP takes control of the senate. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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