Big Tech is joining the gun control frenzy with this underhanded cancel culture scheme

Big Tech is an enforcer for Democrats’ far-Left agenda.

Their latest plot left jaws on the floor.

Now they’re joining the gun control frenzy with this underhanded cancel culture scheme.

After the tragic shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo, the Left put law abiding gun owners in their crosshairs.

Democrats are never going to let a tragedy go to waste.

A frenzied push began to pass more gun control bills even though there’s no evidence any of their demands would have stopped the deranged shooters.

Gun rights organizations are public enemy number one for leftists for defending Americans’ Constitutional rights.

And the NRA, which is still widely perceived as the tip of the spear for the Gun Lobby, held its annual convention in Houston, Texas shortly after the elementary school shooting.

In response, Salesforce – a woke, San Francisco-based Big Tech titan that provides software for marketing campaigns and customer relations – decided to lash out at the gun group.

Faced with uncertain prospects of gun control passing a narrowly-divided Congress, the woke employees of Salesforce took action.

More than 4,000 Salesforce employees demanded the company end its relationship with the NRA.

In an open letter addressed to the company’s leadership, including co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor, they asked them to cut the NRA off from Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud software.

Marketing Cloud is software used by the NRA in its digital marketing campaigns.

The letter stated the NRA would increase its marketing efforts after the recent shootings.

“Based on past history, it is likely the NRA is already upping, or preparing to up, their Marketing Cloud usage in response to this tragedy, not to prevent future tragedies from happening, but to sow fear, sell guns, and abet future atrocities,” a part of the letter reads.

“It is unconscionable to consider their use of Marketing Cloud to capitalize on mass shootings,” the letter continued.

The employees’ letter explained they want to target the NRA to pitch in on the gun control hysteria.

“It’s not in our power to get background checks or other gun control measures passed by Congress — but we can effect change by ending our commercial relationship with our customer, the National Rifle Association,” the employee’s letter explained.

There’s no word if Salesforce’s leadership will comply with the demands of the letter.

But the company has taken action against gun owners before.

In 2019, Salesforce banned its software from being used to sell semi-automatic guns and certain gun parts as part of its acceptable use policy.

The company has waded into the Left’s political fights ever since it went after Indiana for passing a religious freedom bill under then-governor Mike Pence.

Salesforce banned travel to the state and threatened to pull its workforce out of Indiana.

The Left has increasingly turned to vicious corporate cancel culture campaigns to shut down their opponents by cutting off access to banks, Big Tech and stores.

It remains to be seen if Salesforce’s leadership will follow through with the demands, but the NRA will remain in the Left’s crosshairs. 

While the NRA spent little in the 2020 elections, if attacks on gun groups spread like what salesforces’ employees want, it could be disastrous for the larger effort to advance and defend Americans’ gun rights.

And if Americans’ Second amendment rights go, every other constitutional right could soon be annihilated.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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