Big Tech is in meltdown mode over Biden’s coronavirus policy

The Biden administration is playing ping-pong with the American people.

There’s no rhyme or reason to the arbitrary coronavirus rules.

And Big Tech is in meltdown mode over Biden’s coronavirus policy.

The Biden administration, along with public health officials, are giving Americans whiplash with the ever-changing COVID-19 policies.

Even progressives in Big Tech are feeling the pressure amid the constantly shifting narratives around the virus and vaccines.

Breitbart reports:

“Many tech giants have found their plans for returning to work delayed as they demand that all employees are vaccinated and some reintroduce mask mandates. The mandates extend far beyond workers in Silicon Valley, as Netflix is mandating vaccines for actors in its productions as well.”

Thus far, there has been pushback against mandatory vaccines.

The legality of such a mandate might be duked out in the Supreme Court.

Mask mandates seemed to make little to no impact in 2020, but COVID tyrants are determined to bring them back.

But the mask mandates contradict the previous edicts about the vaccine, which stated that vaccinated individuals don’t need to wear masks.

Now the narrative is that everyone needs to mask up indefinitely until presumably COVID cases reach zero, an absurd goal.

Like other coronaviruses, COVID is here to stay and will likely become seasonal.

Twitter announced:

“After careful consideration of the CDC’s updated guidelines, and in light of current conditions, Twitter has made the decision to close our opened offices in New York and San Francisco as well as pause future office re-openings, effective immediately. We continue to monitor local conditions and make necessary changes that prioritize the health and safety of our Tweeps.”

The capricious COVID policies no longer seem to be about public health – they give off the vibe of theater for the purposes of authoritarian control.

The science suggests that people who’ve already had COVID don’t need to get the vaccine (and arguably they should not get the vaccine), but officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci are pushing for near-universal vaccination.

While Big Tech firms are scrambling to enact COVID policy, they’re censoring COVID “misinformation” online.

But in the current environment, yesterday’s misinformation is today’s science and tomorrow’s misinformation.

These ideas and policies need to be able to be discussed freely online without the big boot of censorship stepping in.

Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening.

Panic and confusion rule the day, and it seems almost by design.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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