Big Media journalists are once again changing language to benefit Democrats

When Democrats are having a hard time making words fit their narrative, there’s a simple fix – change the definition.

And the corporate-controlled fake news media is ready, willing and able to aid those efforts.

Now, Big Media “journalists” are changing the language in this hot button debate to tip the scales in favor of the Left.

The corporate-controlled media doesn’t even attempt to hide its institutional bias in favor of the woke Left.

With every passing day, Big Media further proves it’s nothing more than the public relations arm of the Democrat party.

Now, this update to an industry guideline the Fake News outlets live by aims at putting the nail in the abortion debate once and for all.

Associated Press is now telling reporters “don’t use pro-life” in new AP style guidance

According to the Associated Press style guide, the terms “pro-Life,” “pro-choice,” and “pro-abortion,” are no longer to be used.

Instead, the style guide is instructing so-called “journalists” to use “anti-abortion,” and “abortion-rights.”

This change in language will reframe the debate – no longer is it about if babies have a right to live or not, but instead it’s about supposed “reproductive rights.”

That would be easy enough to dust off as just another woke example of media bias if it just meant AP stories in your local newspaper would follow the asinine recommendation.

However, the AP has far more sway in the news media landscape than that.

First, the AP issues a “wire” of news that the vast majority of local newspapers, radio stations and television affiliates subscribe to.

The AP wire provides news outlets with a constant stream of stories from AP writers.

Local platforms that subscribe to the AP wire service are allowed to use the stories for their own purposes – as long as they credit the AP for the report.

So, if the AP is using the terms “anti-abortion,” instead of “pro-Life,” Americans will be seeing the phrase everywhere they turn while consuming news.

And it doesn’t end there.

Even if a journalist doesn’t work for an outlet that subscribes to the AP wire service, they’re still heavily influenced by the AP style guide.

Almost every traditional newsroom in the country – and most around the world – use the AP style guide as their writing reference.

In fact, if you visit your local newsroom, you can bet dollars-to-donuts you’ll find multiple reports with a copy of an AP style guide somewhere at their desk.

AP style guidance has vast reach

But the AP’s finger printers dig even deeper into every news story you read, hear, or watch.

The fact is, at every major university offering a journalism program, the AP style guide is the standard for all students to follow.

If the Associated Press wants to change the language, they can change the language – its reach and prevalence runs too deep to avoid it.

In fact, way back when, the AP style guide used to teach that “he” should be used when the gender of a person in a story is unknown, because, “they” only applied to multiple people – that of course has been “updated” out.

The good old days when words had definitions and people used them accordingly.

In the last style guide, the AP changed “pregnant woman,” to “pregnant people,” in its new “inclusivity section.”

This all goes hand-in-hand with the Biden administration changing the definition of “recession” to fit their false narrative that they’re doing a great job handling the economy.

Or Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who this summer – in the midst of a crime surge in her state – changed the law to now call “inmates,” “incarcerated individuals.”

It was done in an effort to supposedly help “dignify–and humanize–people who have done their time.”

The media shouldn’t be calling the conservative stance on letting babies live “anti-abortion” when it’s really pro-Life.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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