Biden and the Democrats’ glaring hypocrisy led to a disturbing cover up to stop another “Let’s Go Brandon” situation

Politicians forget it’s rarely the crime that drives the nail in their coffin. 

As everyone learned from Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, it’s usually the cover up that ends them.

But Biden and the Democrats’ glaring hypocrisy led to this disturbing cover up to stop another “Let’s Go Brandon” situation.

Biden and the Democrats can’t afford any more “Let’s Go Brandon” situations breaking out after the chant led to chart-topping songs and presaged the administration’s approval numbers sliding into the gutter. 

The “algorithm” gives them and their tech pals the perfect cover up tool though.

Google-owned YouTube is manipulating its algorithm to suppress videos that the establishment wants hidden.

Many conservatives and disaffected liberals have pointed this out, but the problem is only getting worse.

YouTube recently suppressed a music video from rappers Tom MacDonald and Adam Calhoun.

Their song “New World Order” is a scathing critique of Democratic hypocrisy and “woke” culture run amok.

Some of the most cutting lyrics include:

All these double standards, man, I’m tired of the noise

Freedom’s an illusion if they censor your voice

Calling Dad a deadbeat for neglecting his boys

But a mom kills a baby and you call it pro-choice

The music video currently has 3.9 million views and 270,000 “likes” and is “trending” according to YouTube, but when users click on the actual trending list, “New World Order” is nowhere to be found.

It’s a glaring omission, and the reason why is obvious.

Big Tech has become an enforcement arm of the establishment, so viral videos that embarrass the establishment have to be suppressed.

On the topic of trending videos, YouTube guidelines state:

“We’re very careful about the safety of what appears on Trending so we have filters to make sure we don’t show videos that contain excessive profanity, mature content, or violence, or videos that are otherwise inappropriate, such as disparaging others in the community.”

None of that applies to “New World Order,” which doesn’t even have a fraction of the vulgarity contained in the top trending music videos.

YouTube censorship has paved the way for platforms like Rumble to emerge and siphon off users.

Big Tech has proven that free speech is not a priority.

New Twitter CEO Paraga Agrawal admitted as much during an interview stating he believes Twitter’s job is to curate healthy conversations.

In other words, conversations that question the elites run the risk of being suppressed or deleted altogether.

“New World Order” would likely have even more than 3.9 million views if not for its exclusion from the trending list.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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