Biden and the DC Swamp are covering up one uncomfortable truth about the war in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine rages on as thousands of lives have already been lost.

There is a startling amount of war propaganda being spread by all sides.

And Joe Biden and the D.C. Swamp are covering up one uncomfortable truth about the war in Ukraine.

With his invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is clearly not worried about being viewed as an immoral dictator, guilty of human rights abuses, murdering journalists and dissidents, and invading sovereign nations by the West.

But in rightly condemning Putin, the Democrat Media Complex and the international Left have wrongly portrayed Ukrainian leadership as saintly.

For example, the Democrats and warhawks in the D.C. establishment and their corporate-controlled media pals have bent over backwards downplaying the presence of actual Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine.

But that’s in 2022.    

And not so long ago, some even in the Democrat Party were whistling to a truer tune.

In a now deleted 2018 tweet, progressive Congressman Ro Khanna called out the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, a militia group that was absorbed into the Ukrainian military after fighting against Russia in Crimea.

At the time, Khanna tweeted the US was “complicit in the rehabilitation and spread of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Enough is enough! Our government must stand up to the Azov Battalion and other fascist groups.”

In 2018, Reuters published a piece titled, “Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem,” which argued:

“As Ukraine’s struggle against Russia and its proxies continues, Kiev must also contend with a growing problem behind the front lines: far-right vigilantes who are willing to use intimidation and even violence to advance their agendas, and who often do so with the tacit approval of law enforcement agencies.”

Weirdly today, the Left imagines Nazis all over the place—smearing every run-of-the-mill Republican as a far-right fascist. 

At least they do when it comes to their political opponents in America.

But they’re looking the other way as hard as they can when it comes the actual self-proclaimed Neo-Nazis that make up a signifcant part of the Ukraine military that US taxpayers have paid to train and equip for years, according to the likes of Reuters, Pelosi lieutenants like Ro Khanna and countless more on the Left.


The Democrats’ election year gambit is to convince Americans to forget all of Joe Biden’s disasters and embrace him—and by extension them—as a hero war-time President.

That’s all they have to run on for the 2022 Midterm elections.

So that’s one major reason there’s so much propaganda afoot in this war.

Putin of course, helped their case since he claimed that “de-Nazification” was the reason why he was invading Ukraine, and the establishment wanted to take that talking point away from him.

The truth is, the D.C. establishment has invested a lot in Ukraine.

For example, as Vice President, Joe Biden held up $1 billion in aid to Ukraine until the president fired the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma – the Ukrainian gas company paying his son Hunter Biden $83,000 per month to sit on its board.

It’s not just Democrats, though. Former Mitt Romney advisor “Joseph ‘Cofer Black,’ joined Burisma’s board of directors while Hunter Biden was also serving on the board,” according to a report by The Federalist.

Now, Biden’s Deputy Secretary of State has recently admitted the U.S. funded biolabs in Ukraine, raising even more cause for concern.

The Swamp has its tendrils all over Ukraine.

That doesn’t justify what Putin has done, but it adds context to the over-the-top war propaganda coming from the establishment, like warmonger Adam Kinzinger who spread the fake “Ghost of Kyiv” story about the Ukrainian air ace who was destroying multiple Russian fighter jets to amplify his calls for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Sharing any of these truths on social media could get you banned or de-platformed by the powerful elites. 

Why? Because the Swamp knows if they can inch America further into a full-scale escalation in Ukraine, there’s virtually unlimited profit for them and their cronies.

Sadly, it’s ordinary citizens in America and all over the world who are and will continue to feel the pain. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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