Arizona officials face big questions over newly unearthed information about biases

Arizona was one of the states at the center of the 2020 Presidential election which led Democrats to seize on questions to slap “election denier” labels on their opponents. 

And the Grand Canyon State once again remains a center of controversy. 

Because Arizona officials face big questions over newly unearthed information about biases.

Arizona can’t seem to count

Questions surrounded a handful of states in 2020, leaving many with doubts about the Presidential race. 

Arizona was one of those states. 

Democrat Katie Hobbs was the Secretary of State in charge of the vote count. 

In 2022, Hobbs decided she deserved a promotion and ran for Governor. 

Polling showed her as a huge underdog to Republican Kari Lake in the election. 

Given controversies in past elections run by Hobbs, and the conflict of interest in counting ballots in her own race, former Secretaries of State in Arizona – including one Democrat – suggested Hobbs recuse herself from the count. 

She refused. 

After a full week of counting, and problems with voting machines in GOP stronghold precincts on Election Day, Hobbs received just enough votes for the upset victory over Lake.

As bad as the optics are of Hobbs’ victory, Maricopa County officials are getting flak for adding on to them. 

The problem in Maricopa County 

Maricopa County is far and away the largest county in the Grand Canyon State. 

In fact, the county that contains Phoenix is almost 4.5-times larger than the second biggest county in the state, Pima County, home of Tucson. 

In Maricopa County, Stephen Richer is a top-ranking election officer, who launched a PAC opposing Trump-endorsed candidates in 2021, The Post Millennial reported.

It all came to light via campaign finance reports, that Richer donated to a hybrid PAC called PatriotTakes – which is known as a radical “resistance” group. 

Despite its name, PatriotTakes is not what most would consider a patriotic group.

The group describes itself as a group of “dedicated researchers monitoring and exposing right-wing extremism and other threats to democracy.”

Richer was forced to apologize for problems voters encountered with long lines and malfunctioning machines in several Maricopa County polling locations on Election Day. 

“I am very sorry for any voter who has been frustrated or inconvenienced today in Maricopa County,” Richer wrote. “Every legal vote will be tabulated. I promise.”

Given the apparent biases involved and everything that was at stake, Richer’s past is sure to raise more questions.

Nevertheless, Democrats and their pals in Big Tech are counting on fresh fuel to plug into their censorship algorithms.  

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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