Another one gone – Conservative host never backed down

Americans are staring down an on-going reckoning.

Conservative voices are being snuffed out as corporations roll over.

And less than 9 months after the passing of Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, another one of the biggest Conservative names is gone from the air.

Battle lines are drawn in workplaces across America as employees calculate exactly how much freedom they’re willing to give up in exchange for a paycheck.

It’s happening as corporations continue to push vaccination mandates at the behest of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Now, a popular host, who replaced the late Rush Limbaugh, is off the air in solidarity with others who work for—or have been fired from—his company.

Dan Bongino is vaccinated, but he sent a clear message to his corporate management during his last live show: “You can have me or you can have the mandate. But you can’t have both of us.”

On one of his podcasts he explained that the company didn’t consult with content providers before enforcing a Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

“Some of the people who were fired by Cumulus whose stories are piling in, they are really disturbing.”

He said during a podcast, “I hear you.”

While frustrating, Bongino says, “The fight with them is having a real impact. Behind the scenes, it’s getting a little ugly here. I wasn’t on the radio today. I don’t know what they did, played the ‘best of’ or whatever. You don’t treat people this way. You don’t let people go because they insist their body is theirs.”

Forbes reported that the former New York police officer and Secret Service agent’s show with Westwood One debuted in May with distribution to more than 300 stations.

Bongino isn’t the only radio personality off the air at Cumulus.

Tim Hill was actually fired after he submitted a religious exemption to avoid getting the vaccination and was denied.

In a Mediaite article the 43-year-old South Carolina sportscaster said, “I’m raising three boys and trying to teach them to stand up for what they believe in and just feel like is something that I had to do,” Hill said. “I keep being reminded of a line from Ted Lasso these days, ‘it’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.’”

Out west, Jeff Crank’s 13-year radio career at KVOR radio ended when he refused to get his vaccination.

Crank wrote to fans saying, “While I am not anti-vaccination, I am anti-tyranny and I told them that I find their policy unethical and immoral.

I’ve already had coronavirus.

I discussed the vaccine with my doctor and he recommended that I not take the vaccine at this time as there was very little risk to me contracting COVID and even less risk of having severe complications from COVID.

I’m going to make my medical decisions after consultation with my doctor – and it won’t be forced onto me by the CEO of a company that I’ve never met or knows nothing about me.”

All of the broadcasters who fell out with Cumulus over the Covid-19 vaccine mandate are still speaking out online in some form.

For now, Bongino is asking listeners to join the Locals platform—a social media network launched by David Rubin and recently acquired by Rumble.

Bongino also announced in June 2020 that he is a stakeholder in the Parler social media network.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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