An infuriating new IRS announcement is being used to justify going after everyday Americans

Joe Biden is beefing up the taxman.

Nobody is excited about the IRS doubling in size.

And Biden’s IRS made one infuriating announcement to justify going after everyday Americans.

The IRS added 87,000 more agents, something that exactly nobody wanted to hear in the middle of a recession and an inflationary crisis.

In order to misdirect from the agency’s new muscle, the IRS is playing the victim card.

IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig announced that the agency would be undergoing a full security review due to a rise in anti-government sentiment.

POLITICO reported that “the IRS is reviewing the security at all of its facilities after some Republicans charged that the agency would use a major boost in funding from Congress to target regular Americans, in some cases invoking the threat of agents using firearms. IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig noted in a message to employees that there have been new threats aimed at the agency and its staff, along with ‘an abundance of misinformation and false social media postings.’ The comprehensive security review launched by Rettig will include an examination of how to bolster security and lighting at IRS offices, as well as increased collaboration with federal Homeland Security officials and local police.”

So people who are upset about the IRS getting an additional $80 billion in funding could be considered domestic terrorists.

The frustration over the IRS expansion scheme only grew after the agency put up a job posting in the days following that sought agents who are willing to use “deadly force.”

POLITICO added that “Republicans have taken a number of approaches to criticize the $80 billion influx of funding that Democrats gave to the IRS in the Inflation Reduction Act, including raising doubts about Democrats’ assertions that those making under $400,000 a year aren’t at a higher risk of being audited. They have also warned that the tax collector could hire tens of thousands of new employees over a decade with its new funding.”

Recruiting people willing to use deadly force makes it seem unlikely the IRS will be targeting hedge fund managers raking in millions.

In fact, as Unmuzzed News reported previously, a recent IRS recruitment video showed agents going after a hypothetical landscaping business owner who bought an additional company car.

And after the Lois Lerner IRS scandal under the Obama-Biden administration when conservative groups were targeted, Biden does not get the benefit of the doubt regarding using the IRS to go after political opponents.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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