Actor and rapper Ice Cube used two shocking words that will leave global elites furious

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Actor and rapper Ice Cube has been going against the grain in recent years.

It has made him some enemies on the Left.

And Ice Cube used two shocking words that will leave global elites furious.

Actor and rapper O’Shea Jackson, better known by the stage name Ice Cube, has a bone to pick with artificial intelligence (AI).

Jackson recently called the use of AI “evil” and “demonic” in the music industry.

The controversy over AI music flared up after a fake collaboration between rapper Drake and R&B singer The Weeknd went viral.

People believed the song was real

But many in the industry were not pleased, especially on the grounds of copyright infringement.

Jackson also brought up the point that using AI to essentially resurrect a dead artist was morally wrong.

He said during an interview on the Full Send podcast, “I think A.I. is demonic…I think there’s gonna be a backlash because of A.I. I think people are gonna want things organic and not artificial.”

Some pushed back on Jackson’s contention and tried to compare the use of AI to sampling another artist’s song.

One online user commented, “Ice Cube, musician who became famous rapping over samples, says A.I. is ‘demonic.’”

Jackson responded, “Samples are approved or denied by the song owners. Totally different than taking a dead artist and making a new song they never approved and saying things they may not agree with. That’s evil and demonic to me.”

Ice Cube says putting words in dead people’s mouth’s “demonic”

The battle over AI is only going to get more intense.

Hollywood screenwriters are currently on strike, and one of the sticking points was over the use of AI down the road.

Acclaimed writer and producer David Simon, who created the hit HBO series The Wire, shares Ice Cube’s disdain for AI as a replacement for creativity.

Simon said,“I’d rather put a gun in my mouth” than use AI, then added, “Not only I think is it a fundamental violation of the integrity of writers and also of copyright to – you know, when I sold all the scripts I sold, you know, 150 to HBO and, you know, maybe another 50 to NBC, I didn’t sell them so that they could be thrown into a computer with other people’s and be used again by a corporation.”

There are serious considerations about AI that must be dealt with in a methodical manner.

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