A Republican Congresswoman just fired a shot across Big Tech’s bow with one statement

Democrats are using Big Tech to kneecap their opponents.

Censorship on social media platforms has devolved into a crisis.

And a Republican Congresswoman just fired a shot across Big Tech’s bow with one statement .

Republicans are finally waking up to the threat of Big Tech censorship.

And Members of Congress seem willing to do something about it.

New York Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the danger of Big Tech after YouTube removed a speech she gave railing against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Orwellian vaccine passport.

Malliotakis wrote:

“The company last week blocked a 45-minute video of my news conference announcing a lawsuit challenging Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ‘vaccine passport’ as an invasion of New Yorkers’ privacy and an unreasonable mandate on small businesses. I believe the vaccine is safe, effective and the best means of combating the Covid pandemic. But Mr. de Blasio’s mandate is a clear government overreach. Still YouTube removed the video, citing an alleged violation, never explained, of its ‘medical misinformation policy.’”

The nebulous term “misinformation” is being used as a catch-all to censor anyone who questions the regime.

But the information about COVID is changing rapidly.

It’s absurd to expect every health expert and every politician to be in lockstep at all times, yet that’s what the establishment wants.

Malliotakis continued:

“Behind the platforms, the people deciding what is ‘misinformation’ and a violation of ‘community guidelines’ are doing so in a subjective manner. Social-media giants suspended the U.S. president while continuing to provide a megaphone to tyrants like Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Venezuela’s Nicolas Máduro and Cuba’s Miguel Díaz-Canel.”

Big Tech seems focused on acting as an extension of big government, quashing content from those who oppose their liberal ideology.”

This is undoubtedly true.

Democrat politicians have repeatedly bullied Facebook and Twitter to ban Donald Trump and other Republicans from their platforms, and the Democrats finally got their wish.

Twitter and Facebook are effectively operating as arms of the state.

Malliotakis concluded:

“It’s time for Congress to rein them in and reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to require transparency for content-enforcement decisions and disclosure of appeals processes – and to remove liability protections for companies who censor constitutionally protected speech.”

Now that the public square has moved online, it’s more imperative than ever that America’s culture of free speech is maintained.

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