A Republican Congressional candidate just blew up Democrats whole narrative like an atom bomb

The Left hate getting called out over their hypocrisy. 

And that’s exactly why this candidate has them madder than hell. 

Because their whole narrative was just obliterated by this Republican Congressional candidate.

An Arizona Republican Congressional candidate just released a pro-second Amendment and KKK fighting video that has Leftists losing their mind.

The Democrats’ whole party platform is based on victimhood. 

Literally every platform they run on is based on someone being oppressed. 

Just think about it. 

Workers are struggling because of their employers. 

The poor are poor because the rich don’t pay their fair share. 

Women are paid less not because of their profession choice but because men are evil. 

Transgenders are sad because mean old parents don’t want their kids being taught on a school trip how to shove a twenty between a she-males buttcheeks. 

Blacks are struggling in society based on racism that took place generations ago. 

But don’t dare call BS on any of the Left’s narratives on social media, or you could soon find yourself muzzled. 

People are sick of it.

One of them is Jerone Davison who is running for Congress in Arizona.

He recently came out against Big Tech trampling free speech rights in a campaign video.

Some might remember Davison as being the Oakland Raiders & Arizona State University running back.

But now he is sure to be remembered as a true conservative bad*ss after another video his campaign just went live with. 

He just released a video titled “Make Rifles Great Again” depicting him being attacked by clansmen and defending himself with an AR-15. 

It’s one thing to troll the Left. 

But its another to post a video of a black man defending himself from racist democrats with an AR-15 and blowing their whole narrative up like an atom bomb. 

When someone from the “oppressed” class pushes back against the Left’s narratives, their whole ideology comes crashing down. 

That’s why so many leftists completely lost it when they saw this video. 

America will be better off if Republicans start sending more Jerone Davisons to Congress and fewer Lindsey Grahams to represent the Republican Party. 

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