A Newsweek editor just dropped an epic truth bomb that BLM and The Squad won’t like

The corrupt corporate-controlled media has been a unified front pushing the left-wing social agenda.

As the Left collapses under the Biden regime cracks are starting to show.

And BLM and The Squad will be red with rage after this Newsweek editor dropped an epic truth bomb.

The recent Republican election victories in Virginia were an embarrassment for the corporate-controlled media.

Dusting off the playbook they used on President Trump they attacked the Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin as a racist for turning opposition to Critical Race Theory into a winning political issue.

When the Republican ticket for statewide office swept to victory they decried the win as white supremacy.

This despite the fact the winning Republican Lieutenant governor is an African-American and the Attorney-General elect is a Cuban-American.

Newsweek deputy opinion editor Batya Ungar-Sargon went on CNN’s Reliable Sources, a show which allegedly holds the media accountable.

Ungar-Sargon dropped an epic truth bomb on him about wokeness in the media.

She blasted the media for being out of touch liberal elitists who have nothing in common with work people of all races anymore.

According to her, wokeness was co-opted by corporate-controlled media to drive traffic from affluent white liberals creating a feedback loop that left the media and the audience hopelessly out of touch.

She cited BLM and The Squad’s “defund the police” movement as an example of this despite it being opposed by 81% African-Americans.

She said that woke racial attacks on Glenn Youngkin fueled his victory.

“The media’s response to Youngkin’s victory is literally the reason that he won…” she exclaimed.

She leveled the corporate-controlled media for saying his victory was “white supremacy” or “racism” and citied Youngkin winning two majority black state house districts and 40% of Latino voters. 

The real reason for his win was the economy which the media ignored.

This is yet another sign of how hopelessly out of touch the media shouting down conservatives with bogus racism charges that a Newsweek editor has to point out their failings.

Whether or not the corporate-controlled media learns anything remains to be seen.

But after this Newsweek editor’s truth bomb she might find herself muzzled by the corporate-controlled media elite bosses very soon. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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