Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine claimed a victim in one place no one expected

Casualties are mounting in the international crisis sparked by the conflict in Ukraine.

The war is causing unforeseen ripple effects across the globe.

And Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine have now claimed a victim in one place no one expected.

The on-going conflict over Vladimir Putin’s latest moves into Ukraine have led to thousands of lost lives, disrupted financial markets around the world, and led to reprisal against many Russians living and working in other countries who have nothing to do with the conflict.

Now, Anna Netrebko, a soprano for the Metropolitan Opera, has been canceled for failing to repudiate Vladimir Putin.

Breitbart reported that, “The Met made repeated efforts in recent days attempting to convince Netrebko to repudiate Putin but failed to persuade her, a person familiar with the developments said, speaking on condition of anonymity because that detail was not announced…Netrebko, a 50-year-old from Krasnodar, received the People’s Artist of Russia honor from Putin in 2008.”

Met General Manager Peter Gelb said in a statement, “It is a great artistic loss for the Met and for opera…Anna is one of the greatest singers in Met history, but with Putin killing innocent victims in Ukraine, there was no way forward.”

The action taken against Netrebko is quite shocking considering foreign nationals from other countries aren’t persecuted for the crimes of their homeland.

Chinese nationals were not called to respond to human rights abuses committed by the Chinese Communist Party against the Uyghur Muslims.

In fact, the corporate-controlled press went out of its way to avoid negative stories about the CCP during the “Genocide” Olympic Games in Beijing.

For her part, Netrebko stated, “I am opposed to this senseless war of aggression and I am calling on Russia to end this war right now, to save all of us. We need peace right now…This is not a time for me to make music and perform. I have therefore decided to take a step back from performing for the time being. It is an extremely difficult decision for me, but I know that my audience will understand and respect this decision.”

There have been calls for other Russians to be expelled from their profession, or from their host nations – including from Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell, whose claim to fame is an admitted sexual relationship with a alleged Chinese spy.

“Frankly, I think closing [Russia’s] embassy in the United States, kicking every Russian student out of the United States, those should all be on the table,” Swallwell said.

Czech-born NHL Hall of Fame goalie Dominik Hasek said that all Russian NHL players should be booted from the league because of Putin’s actions.

The establishment has moved well beyond the understandable demonization of Putin and his regime.

And while there’s plenty of tough words against him, it’s citizens all over the world who are now facing the backlash because of actions they had nothing to do with.

It is quite shocking to witness.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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