UFC’s President just dropped a damning truth on the woke media, and the ringing may never leave their skulls

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The radical Left and their friends and allies in Big Media have been at war against what they deem “toxic masculinity,” and the UFC has become a top target for their disgust.

One journalist thought he was about to open up a vicious wound for the combat sports league.

But UFC President Dana White dropped a damning truth on the woke media, and the ringing may never leave their skulls. 

Sean Strickland vs. woke reporter 

On January 20, UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland lost his crown in a controversial five-round decision in his fight against Dricus Du Plessis. 

However, it’s the pre-fight press conference conflict that still has everyone buzzing today. 

Prior to Strickland’s fight, a mixed martial arts “journalist” Alexander K. Lee wanted to ask about past words from Strickland, as opposed to the big impending title fight. 

The Canadian reporter asked Strickland about old comments he made about how he’d feel if he had a son who turned out to be gay. 

Strickland was in no mood to have his pre-fight press conference turn into a woke propaganda fest and tried to shut Lee down out the gate.

Strickland asked the reporter if he’d be disappointed at presumably not having grandkids in that event.

The reporter insisted he’d be fine with that, at which point Strickland said Lee was weak and part of the problem, citing the reporter’s assumed support of radically woke Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

“You’re the definition of weakness,” Strickland said to Lee. “Everything that’s wrong with this world is because of you.” 

He attempted to stir up trouble for Strickland with UFC boss Dana White and league sponsor Bud Light by bringing up Strickland’s disapproval of the embattled beer brand’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney. 

Strickland didn’t back down and made his feelings on the matter perfectly clear, as you can see in the video below. 

***Strong Language***

Dana White stands for free speech 

Strickland’s tirade must have left Lee hurt and triggered by the experience.

In a separate press conference, Lee and some of his journalistic colleagues made a motion to UFC President Dana White to “put a leash” on his fighters. 

The suggestion didn’t sit well with White. 

The outspoken matchmaker started back with a suggestion of his own. 

“If you get your feelings hurt that bad you probably shouldn’t ask the type of questions when you know the answer you’re going to get from Strickland,” White said. 

From there, instead of bending the knee to the Thought Police, White schooled the activist reporters on free speech – something that is not a guarantee in Canada. 

“Let’s start there…A leash? I don’t f**king tell any other human being what to say, what to think,” White continued. “And there’s no leashes on any of them…Free speech brother. People can say whatever they want and they can believe whatever they want.”

White went on to point out that perhaps people should pay more attention to actions rather than dissecting possible motivations behind words. 

“We had two gay women who fought in the co-main event,” White pointed out. “They sat on the stage with Sean Strickland. They could give a shit what Sean Strickland thinks or what he says or what his beliefs are, what his opinions are.”

Only time will tell if the Canadian press who cover the UFC will heed White’s advice – but the betting odds are against it. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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