Tucker Carlson exposed Democrats’ big communist secret in a warning you need to read

It is shocking that Tucker Carlson is still allowed on Fox News.

He drops so many truth bombs everyday that one would think he would have been silenced by now.

And Tucker Carlson just exposed Democrats’ big communist secret in a warning you need to read.

The Democrat party has stopped even pretending like they support freedom.

Their entire agenda is based on limiting people’s personal freedoms, including when it comes to free speech.

And during a recent interview with Breitbart News on SiriusXM, Carlson spoke about how that is intentional.

If people are afraid to speak their minds, they will be afraid to challenge the status quo, ultimately.

“I do think, marginally, people can be more brave and more honest just in their personal lives,” Carlson said. “There’s no reason to sit at a dinner party and be browbeaten by somebody and not pipe up. You don’t have to argue, but you can quietly speak your conscience in public.”

He continued, “The society has become so incredibly conformist. I see it in my kids and their friends. My kids don’t agree with a lot of this crap, but the spirit of the age is, ‘Well, I don’t really want to step outside the herd.’ We don’t celebrate mavericks at all. […] It’s such a soviet society now. What we celebrate is team joiners. ‘Oh, look, this guy got the vaccine. He’s a hero. He took his medicine.’ It’s insane.”

He went on to talk about how, under today’s standards, Rosa Parks would likely be looked down on, as the thing she is well known for ultimately was challenging the establishment.

“When I was a kid, even the Left was always telling us about . . . Rosa Parks,” Carlson said. “There was a political agenda in telling us about Rosa Parks, but on the other hand, Rosa Parks was pretty great. Good for Rosa Parks. She didn’t want to sit in the back, and one day, she decided not to, and she was a hero.”

The saddest point Carlson takes from this is that their agenda is working, stating, “The saddest realization that I’ve made in the last couple years is that propaganda works. Look at the polling. You can tell people almost anything, and some percentage of them will be like, ‘Yeah, I saw it on NBC News,’ and of course that’s why they do it, but if you thought this was a really independent-minded country with a bunch of flinty mavericks in it, it’s kind of distressing to see that.”

Historically, in Communist regimes, the first thing the governments have targeted is free speech and free expression.

People who can think and speak freely are much more likely to challenge the status quo.

And today, people are afraid to speak up, in fear that they will be attacked, or lose access to their accounts on social media for engaging in “wrong-think.”

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