Trump’s Impeachment lawyer just blew up one Democrat talking point about the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court is under siege.

Leftists are furious that they got a ruling they did not like.

But Donald Trump’s Impeachment lawyer just blew up one Democrat talking point about the Supreme Court.

The Democrats’ desperation to take down Donald Trump is showing.

Recent polls suggest that Joe Biden is far from a sure thing to defeat Trump in November.

That is why Democrats are clinging to lawfare schemes to get him out of the Presidential race.

But the legal antics are not working.

Recently, the Democrats were furious that the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments on Trump’s Presidential immunity claim related to January 6 but not on the election calendar timeline.

No delay

The high Court’s “delay” was treated as a threat to democracy by the Democrats.

But legal expert Jonathan Turley, who defended Trump during his first impeachment, blew up the narrative that the Supreme Court slow-walked the Court proceedings to aid Trump.

Turley explained, “MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin added that, due to the delay for a review of the matter, she was ‘beyond terrified for our country.’ In reality, the claim that the Court is moving slowly is factually and historically untrue. Indeed, in comparison to most cases, this is a NASCAR pace for an institution that is more focused on issuing right rather than rapid decisions. While the Court has had shorter schedules on emergency matters, this case will be heard in a fraction of the usual period for appeals and the calendar is consistent with past expedited cases. Moreover, the conditions that led to the shorter expedited calendars in a few past cases are not present in this case.”

The Democrats and their media allies circulated the talking points that the Supreme Court imperiled democracy by not hearing the case immediately.

He continued, “First, the Court did not create this collision with the election. Both state and federal prosecutors have waited until shortly before the election to bring charges for actions taken almost four years ago. They are now demanding expedited and in some cases abridged reviews due to an urgency that they created. Second, this matter has already been curtailed and expedited. Special Counsel Jack Smith has repeatedly pushed to deny Trump standard appellate options and time to present his case. After the Supreme Court refused to effectively cut off his right to an appellate review, the D.C. Circuit did so by pressuring Trump to file directly with the Supreme Court rather than seeking the review of the entire court in an en banc appeal. That standard en banc option was all but eliminated by an order that would have returned the mandate to the district court within days — forcing Trump to argue an appeal while being forced into the resumption of pre-trial proceedings.”

Business as usual

Turley went on to explain that the Supreme Court’s calendar is already full, giving both sides a few weeks to prepare arguments is an expedited process, something that even a CNN article detailed.

Turley said that normally it takes the Supreme Court months, just to accept a case.

He also pointed out that the exigency of this case does not compare to Bush v. Gore, where Inauguration Day was right around the corner.

The Democrats and their media allies are trying to create the perception that what the Supreme Court is doing is abnormal.

It’s all part of the Left’s strategy of delegitimizing the Court.

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