This Hunter Biden BFF was just named DC’s “most influential”

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The Washington, DC Swamp is a world unto itself.

And you don’t even want to know how their version of logic works.

Now one Hunter Biden BFF was just named DC’s “most influential.”

Back in 2020 former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell was there for the Biden Crime Family in a big way when they needed him the most.

Morell co-authored the infamous letter that was ultimately signed by 51 former intelligence officials who had more accolades on their resume than a sense of diligence and integrity.

Despite having no real proof, Morell and 50 of his former colleagues circulated the statement claiming that the Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” story published by the New York Post had all the supposed telltale signs of Russian election interference.

Of course, the laptop was 100% authentic—and filled with all kinds of gritty details about Hunter Biden’s wild lifestyle and sketchy business transactions.

GOP Committees effectively declare Morell Hunter Biden’s best friend

The GOP led House Judiciary Committee, Intel Committee, and Weaponization of the Federal Government Select Subcommittee recently released a joint report with evidence establishing that Morell was motivated to gather signatures for the statement by his desire to ensure Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election rather than any true concern about Russian involvement in the Democratic process.

Despite being caught in a massive lie that literally changed the course of American history, Morell is now being lauded as an all-around great guy by Washingtonian magazine.

Morell was among those honored as the top 500 “most influential people” in the Washington, D.C. metro area this year by the publication.

Washingtonian lauds key figure in Hunter laptop letter

Based on the criteria used to select Morell for the honor, you could assume Volodymyr Zelenskyy was on the selection committee.

According to the magazine, Morell was selected for the honor because he “rallied political support for continued US military assistance to Ukraine as skepticism began to fester among right-wing voices and some progressives.”

The Washingtonian’s criteria for bestowing the honor is identifying “those who have deep subject-matter expertise and significant understanding of how the nation’s capital works, with the goal of getting action.”

Mark Zaid, the attorney representing several of the former intelligence officials who signed the letter, is also featured on the Washingtonian’s list.

With Morell and Zaid supposedly among the best our nation’s capital has to offer, it’s no wonder America is in meltdown mode.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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