The thought police are gearing up to manipulate the November election—and their latest announcement will give you chills

Big Tech leftists are determined to win in November. 

As self-assigned thought police, they’re gearing up to manipulate the Midterm election.

And their latest announcement will give you chills.

Big Tech platforms like Twitter were instrumental in making sure Joe Biden won in 2020. 

By colluding with corporate-controlled “news” outlets, the tech giants managed to ensure the Hunter Biden laptop story was completely buried until after his dad was firmly entrenched in the Oval Office. 

Thanks to a law passed in the late 90s, Section 230, Twitter and other big social media companies are protected from liability when users post content outside the bounds of what’s okay. 

But at the same time, as private companies they can shut down anything they determine violates company user agreements. 

The result is a situation where Silicon Valley executives have managed to gain a massive influence over American politics by blatantly censoring conservatives while letting those on the left get away with spreading every useful political lie imaginable. 

Now it looks like things will only get worse this fall. 

Word has it that Twitter will “label and demote misinformation about the upcoming US elections.”

That announcement is an obvious red flag according to Republican National Lawyers Association chair Harmeet Dhillon. 

“We’ve seen this story before — the lefty “Big Tech” thought police targeting conservative influencers and ideas for censorship — and it certainly won’t be the last,” Dhillon wrote in a Fox News opinion piece. “For years, hiding behind Section 230, Twitter has abused its power to impact elections, manipulate public discourse, and disparage patriotic Americans. So, before anyone falls for Twitter’s election integrity Trojan horse, again, let us not forget why Twitter isn’t trustworthy enough to be the arbiter of what constitutes misinformation.”

She then launched into a laundry list of Twitter’s misdeeds including banning Missouri Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler during her bid for US Senate when she shared an obvious truism: “Women’s sports are for women, not men pretending to be women.”  

In another outrageous case, Nevada Republican Sam Brown’s picture had a “potentially sensitive warning” label smacked on it. 

The Purple Heart recipient paid a high price to keep our country free, but Twitter is apparently too shallow to give him any respect. 

A picture of a military veteran is not obscene material, but apparently Twitter doesn’t see it that way.

What Silicon Valley has done to free speech is repulsive. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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