Sofia Vergara just confessed a shocking thing that few Emmy-nominated Hollywood actresses would dare

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Hollywood is all about presentation and pushing the favored political narratives. 

Stars and their representatives work around the clock to burnish their image and please their overlords at mega-conglomerate corporations and certain foreign countries.

But Sofia Vergara just confessed a shocking thing that few Emmy-nominated Hollywood actresses would dare.

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara has long been a Hollywood vixen.

But she got her breakthrough opportunity to show her acting chops and comedic timing on the sitcom Modern Family.

What launched her career

And during an interview with Spanish newspaper El País, Vergara admitted that earlier in her career, her “boobs” helped her get a foothold in the entertainment industry.

Vergara explained, “It would be absurd to deny it or for that to make me feel bad…On the contrary, I’m grateful for [my] life…My giant boobs and my body opened doors for me; they were my passport to the world when I was 20 years old, when I started as a model, but today I’m 51 years old, and I’m still here.”

Vergara has been able to thrive in a business for decades where the hot ingénue often flames out quickly.

She continued, “I am not afraid of [taking a] risk, I work harder than anyone, I have the personality, I have always been aware of what was outside, and I have not been afraid. There are women who are prettier, younger, who have bigger breasts and a better body than me, but I’m still around because I have demonstrated that I can stay.”

Not taking it too seriously

Vergara has also been able to approach her career with humility and groundedness.

She added, “I don’t do brain surgery, it’s just entertainment, and the worst that can happen to me is that they can say I look ugly or that this jacka– doesn’t know how to act. I can take it.”

Many cannot, and they do not last in the industry.

She also touched on, perhaps, her most famous role as Gloria Pritchett on Modern Family. 

Vergara said, “I had a huge hit with ‘Modern Family.’ After the first episode, I became famous all over the world, but I’m a Latina who doesn’t look so Latina, and I don’t have the same opportunities as American actors. I’m not complaining, that would be ungrateful, I’ve done much more than I ever dreamed, but it’s harder for me to find roles. The way I look, I can’t play a scientist, or a judge. So, I decided to seek a life for myself…When I started on ‘Modern Family,’ 15 years ago, I still looked a lot more exaggerated than what you see now. I’m not saying there aren’t female scientists like that. But those roles are not for someone like me.”

Becoming a drug boss

She also talked about her latest role as the drug boss Griselda Blanco in a new miniseries.

Vergara added, “When I heard about Griselda, I wanted to play her. Because she was Colombian, because she was a woman, because I experienced the drama of drug trafficking because my brother Rafael was part of that business and they killed him in 1996. Because of all that, I knew I could do it. And I did do it when I got them to trust me to do it. I got them to give me the money because I had already been Gloria Pritchett…I was always Sofia Vergara.”

Vergara’s blunt honesty speaks to her canniness, which has allowed her to have a decades-long career in a highly competitive business.

She concluded, “When I was very young, since high school, the boys have all wanted to be with me. Not that it made me feel any better, but you realize that they treat you differently. From a very young age, I’ve known my strengths and I’ve played to them…But if you only see my boobs, then that’s your problem.”

Griselda is available on Netflix. 

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