Rush Limbaugh replacement officially muzzled for a jaw-dropping reason

Big Tech is the enforcer for the Left’s ideology.

As the leftist narrative breaks down, they’re scrambling to protect the party line.

Now a Big Tech company just officially muzzled this Rush Limbaugh replacement for a jaw-dropping reason.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown Big Tech’s commitment to ruthlessly enforcing the narrative set by so-called public health experts and the radical left.

As the pandemic became politicized they sprang into action.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other tech titans have censored or banned anyone who questioned the Left’s view of COVID.

So-called “fact checks” were slapped on anything, even if it was later proven correct, to discredit anyone going against their narrative.

Buck Sexton is a rising star in Conservative movement after starting as a Fox News contributor.

He and sports commentator Clay Travis took over Rush Limbaugh’s time slot with their show on hundreds of radio stations across the country. 

Sexton hasn’t been afraid to push back against the alleged health experts during the pandemic.

His latest truth bomb on Twitter got the censors after him.

He tweeted, “It’s stunning that there are still so many people walking around with cloth masks on as though it will protect anyone from COVID.”

“We’re in the era of iPhones and SpaceX, but millions still obey mask superstition like medieval peasants terrified of the number 13.”

Twitter placed the tweet in a restricted state where no one could like, reply and retweet it.

A warning was placed on the tweet saying “it may be misleading.”

Sexton responded saying, “Receiving the contempt of evil, stupid, smarmy commies is a badge of honor.”

This is the latest in Twitter’s censorship of anyone right of center speaking their mind.

The popular financial blog ZeroHedge was temporarily banned for sharing an article on COVID’s potential origins in the Wuhan virus lab.

As the lockdown frenzy pushed by the blue states continues to fail and the so-called experts look more wrong by the day, Big Tech will have to work overtime to continue to keep their pandemic narrative afloat.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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