Riley Gaines shared one video that will absolutely turn your stomach

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The “woke” Left have cheered on the destruction of women’s sports.

Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines has been one of the few female athletes speaking out against it.

And Gaines shared one video that will absolutely turn your stomach.

Fringe radicals have taken control of the Left.

The stark evidence is that so-called commonsense leftists have allowed biological males to compete in female sports in the name of “inclusivity.”

However, the rise of trans-identifying athletes in female sports is not fair to girls and women, and there are even safety concerns that have not been fully considered.

Recently, a biological male playing girls’ high school basketball injured a girl on the opposing team, which forced the coach to call a forfeit due to safety.

Riley Gaines, who has been a leading voice against biological males in women’s sports, called out the absurdity for what it was.

Gaines wrote, “Trans-identified male player for Kipp Academy in MA injured 3 girls before half time causing Lowell Collegiate Charter School to forfeit. A man hitting a woman used to be called domestic abuse. Now it’s called brave. Who watches this & actually thinks this is ‘compassionate, kind, and inclusive?’”

What do you call this?

This is what the Democrats—and some squishy Republicans—have allowed to fester across the country.

Collegiate Charter School of Lowell said in a press statement, “The bench was already depleted going into the game with the 12-player roster having four players unable to play…When the coach saw three more girls go down in the first half leaving him with five players, he made the call to end the game early…Once the third was injured, the remaining five expressed concern to him about continuing to play…The players feared getting injured and not being able to compete in the playoffs.”

Girls stabbed in the back by their own school

Despite a mockery being made of the game, the school still pledged its fealty to DEI.

The statement added, “The Charter School supports this decision and reiterates its values of both inclusivity and safety for all students…We take the standards set by the MIAA and our Board of Trustees seriously and strive to uphold them on and off the court. We also follow the guidance from the MIAA and state laws regarding equity and access for all student-athletes.”

The fact that a transgender-identifying player with facial hair who’s over six feet tall was allowed to compete against girls in the first place is ridiculous.

But leftists are being held hostage by their “woke” comrades.

Until they finally stand up, incidents like this will continue to happen.

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