Pfizer’s election-year spending plan could take a radical turn after news broke in one state the Jab pushers will hate

The federal government and their big pharma friends are playing out of bounds.

Real Americans don’t stand by and let bullies have their way when friends, neighbors, and even themselves have their lives and livelihoods destroyed.

And the jab pushers will hate the news that just broke in one state that could radically change Pfizer’s election-year spending plan.

The old saying, “all politics is local politics” takes on new meaning as federal mandates stir up turmoil in communities across the nation.

The level of fury is only intensifying to the point that in Tennessee 55 county mayors just announced they’re taking a stand against the Biden government overreach.

The discontent is pushing farther up the political ladder as the state legislature works to protect those unwilling to give into federal demands and the governor promises to fight Biden’s “weaponized mandate.”

So far, more than half the county mayors in Tennessee have composed and signed a letter calling out the Biden administration on overreach as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) prepares to enforce vaccination requirements for businesses with more than 100 employees.

That news could have PhRMA – the pharmaceutical industry lobby – shifting their election-year spending plans.

The good news for elected officials standing up in Tennessee is that like in many red states, there’s a huge amount of resistance to letting the federal government micromanage every aspect of most employees’ lives.

Greene County Mayor Kevin Morrison told local television station WJHL there’s no way a vaccine mandate is acceptable, “The fact that the government is mandating something to be put into your body, that you cannot remove, that you may have objection to—whether it be religious or otherwise—that’s not the country we signed up for.”

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs signed on to this letter—and also wrote his own to President Biden last month saying in part, “As the chief executive of an organization that employs 2,700 individuals, your action adds financial, legal and regulatory burdens that will ultimately impact Knox County taxpayers.” He added, “In addition, it potentially hinders our ability to attract quality employees since many folks in our community will not work somewhere that unjustly imposes vaccine mandates.”

Jacob told the Knoxville News Sentinel he’s refusing to enforce it in the county.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee says Biden has “weaponized” the Covid-19 vaccination.

He told WZTV in Nashville that, “I will continue to oppose that Biden Administration vaccine mandate and am preparing to do so in court as well. Here’s why: That approach is wrong. It’s not the vaccine. It is the mandate. Companies all across America are figuring that out as we see pilots and flight attendants walk off the job and nurses walk out of hospitals and parents walk their children out of schools.”

But while republican governors prepare to go to battle in court, employees are still under pressure from the looming mandates.

For now, the Tennessee legislature is considering a bill that would allow workers who quit their jobs over required vaccine mandates to draw unemployment benefits.

That’s far from satisfactory when most employees simply want to keep their jobs and don’t want to put other taxpayer’s on the hook for paying their doles.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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