NFL MVP did not hold back on a top Democrat politician in his interview with Joe Rogan

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Celebrities are expected to toe the Democrat line.

But many are fed up with excessive “wokeness” and bad policies.

And this NFL MVP did not hold back on a top Democrat in this Joe Rogan interview.

Four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers is most certainly not shy about speaking his mind.

Ever since the Democrat-controlled media attempted to smear him for refusing to take the COVID vaccine, Rodgers has refused to shut up about the COVID regime and other political issues.

Time to expose a Democrat hellbent on being President one day

And the native Californian unloaded on Gavin Newsom’s nonsensical electric vehicle push during an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Rogan said, “Like, they just can’t wait to put more controls on people in any way, shape, or form. They’re trying to outlaw internal combustion engines by 2035. No new sales…Guess what, you f*cks? Every time the power is like in the summertime, they tell people not to charge their cars, because the grid is gonna go down. Like, what do you gotta do? You gotta do a radical upheaval of the grid in 11 years? No, you’re not.”

Rogan pointed out that it makes no sense to put more cars on the electrical grid—which is powered by fossil fuels anyway—when it cannot handle power needs right now.

Rodgers replied sarcastically, “I’m sure Newsom can get it done.”

Rogan continued, “Yeah, they’re just talking. They just, it’s like, literally every goal is to just say the right things, check the right boxes so people think you’re green…You’re green and you’re all DEI’d out. And then they don’t care about the infrastructure of the country. It’s f*cking crazy.”

Rodgers responded, “No, they don’t care at all…They definitely don’t care at all. It’s control. They just want control. They want total control.”

As Rodgers pointed out, the “green” agenda is very much about control.

Some honest leftists have even admitted it.

Rogan added, “But see that’s like this, you realize how much A) it’s control, and B) it doesn’t change anything…You’re not safer when they do it like that. Like, you’re better off here.”

Rogan moved his family and his business from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas.

“Well, Texas has its own grid,” Rodgers noted.

Rogan answered, “Yes, that’s true, too. And Texas provides oil to much of the country…Like Texas could be its own country.”

“Say Ho” Sam Houston won at San Jacinto, and Texas was its own country for a time

Even some liberals are beginning to call shenanigans on California’s insane “green” agenda.

Ana Kasparian from the far-left news network The Young Turks ranted on her show, “They just banned the sale of any new gas-powered cars or gas stoves…And so the technology that you have at your home, the gas stove that you have at your home, if it breaks, not only are you not able to buy a new one, but it gets increasingly more difficult, you get what I’m saying? … I don’t give a f*ck about tax credits! … I want to do something in response to climate change. That is not my issue here. My issue is how, like, we’re forced to make all these changes that are a financial burden, a giant inconvenience, with little to no help…And the solution from the government in terms of, ‘no, no, you get financial benefits’ for doing this, is f*cking tax credits! … No, I don’t want the tax credits! Give me the money! Give, you give me the money, okay! … Don’t tell me this bullsh*t about how I have to buy some new f*cking thing because the government’s forcing me to do it, and then like, after I file my taxes, there’s a certain portion of that purchase that might be tax deductible…Like, f*ck off! I’m so sick of it! It’s just like endless pressure, pressure, pressure! I can’t take it!”

When left-wing networks are calling out Newsom’s energy policies, the problem has spiraled out of control.

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