JD Vance called out “woke” universities for one travesty

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JD Vance made it onto Donald Trump’s shortlist for running mate.

The Ohio Senator could be the establishment’s worst nightmare as Vice President.

And Vance called out “woke” universities for one travesty.

Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) first became known for his best-selling memoir Hillbilly Elegy, which turned into a Hollywood film directed by Ron Howard.

While the book was initially well-received, the Left turned on the book after they became disinterested in understanding the populist Right that Donald Trump was able to galvanize in 2016.

Since then, Vance moved from a sharp critic of Trump to a promising successor down the road.

Vance on CBS News

During an appearance on Face the Nation, Vance called out the huge problem of student debt and higher education overall.

Host Margaret Brennan said, “I want to ask you about some of the things you’ve said about American universities. I know you’ve been very critical of them. You gave an interview in February. You said: ‘The closest conservatives have ever gotten to successfully dealing with the left-wing domination of universities is Viktor Orban’s approach in Hungary. I think his way has to be the model for us, not to eliminate universities, but to give the choice between survival or taking a much less biased approach to teaching.’”

Orban has become one of the Left’s favorite right-wing boogeymen because he has been so effective.

For instance, Orban took a hardline approach against mass migration from Muslim-majority countries, which infuriated the globalists.

He also scrapped “woke” activism majors like gender studies.

Brennan asked Vance, “He seized control of state universities and put them in foundations that were then run by his allies. Is that what you’re advocating be done in the United States?”

Vance responded, “Well, Margaret, what you’re seeing in the United States actually is that universities are controlled by left-wing foundations. They’re not controlled by the American taxpayer. And yet the American taxpayer is sending hundreds of billions of dollars to these universities every single year.”

The miseducation of American students

This is an important point that conservative journalist Christopher Rufo often makes.

The universities are not neutral; they are utterly dominated by left-wing orthodoxy, and they are being subsidized by taxpayers.

The Left have established their own patronage system.

Brennan replied, “I don’t want taxpayers controlling education necessarily. Is that what you’re advocating for, federal government control?”

Brennan would prefer leftist elites to remain in control with taxpayers having minimal input.

Vance responded, “Margaret, what I’m advocating for is for taxpayers to have a say in how their money is spent. Universities are part of a social contract in this country. They educate our children. They produce important intellectual property. They get a lot of money because of it.”

Taxpayers have largely been completely in the dark as to how radical universities have become.

Vance continued, “But if they’re not educating our children well and they’re layering the next generation down in mountains of student debt, then they’re not meeting their end of the bargain. I think it’s totally reasonable to say there needs to be a political solution to that problem.”

One political solution would be to stop federal subsidization of student loans, which cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.

Subsidization has allowed universities to jack up tuition prices because there is no risk of default.

If students had to get private loans, there would be far fewer students majoring in queer theory and other activist disciplines.

Some on the right have even advocated for taxing the endowments to pay off student debt.

Curiously, the Left hates that idea.

They would prefer that taxpayers shoulder the entire burden instead of the schools sitting on billions of dollars.

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