Hollywood star Will Smith got torn to shreds by one former SNL star

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Hollywood star Will Smith is desperate for a comeback after a scandalous past few years.

But many people are not ready to sweep what happened under the rug.

And Smith got torn to shreds by one former SNL star.

Comedian Rob Schneider is fed up with Hollywood and the radical leftists that run it.

The former Saturday Night Live star has undergone a political awakening over the past few years.

Schneider takes the red pill

Schneider began calling out “woke” insanity, and even moved out of California because of Gavin Newsom’s reckless policies.

Now Schneider is calling out Hollywood superstar Will Smith, who’s currently enjoying box office success with Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Schneider has not forgotten about Smith’s notorious Academy Awards moment when he slapped Chris Rock.

Schneider appeared on “The Kyle & Jackie O Show,” and let loose on Smith.

The comedian said, “Will Smith is a tw*t. . .Will Smith has been hiding the fact of who he really is and it was exposed that night that he’s really an a-hole.”

Schneider also said that Smith was a “liar” and a “complete, utter fraud” whose image has been a façade.

He continued, “It’s a deep, dark thing to do that in front of all those people and to a really great legendary comedian, who’s literally the best comedian of our generation. You wouldn’t have this whole wave of comedy that came after if it wasn’t for Chris Rock. He’s kicked open the doors.”

Many people were upset by Smith’s actions, but comedians were particularly furious because they empathized with Rock on a different level.

Plus, if people are allowed to come onstage and attack them, it puts their entire profession at risk.

Slap on the wrist for a slap to the face

Smith received a ten-year ban from the Academy Awards for the incident, but he was still allowed to accept his Oscar for Best Actor in King Richard.

Schneider added, “Will is a douchebag. . .The thing is that’s how politically correct the Academy is. That they were so cowardly because if I would have done that, they would have been hauled off to prison.”

Smith did irreparable damage to his image after the Oscars incident.

“The point is, violence is what it is. And whether the color of your skin or your religion, it doesn’t matter if you commit a crime in front of other people, you get hauled out of there,” Schneider proclaimed.

Other comedians rallied around Rock.

Jim Carrey said in an interview, “I was sickened. . .I was sickened by the standing ovation [when Smith later won the Oscar for Best Actor]. I felt like Hollywood is just spineless en masse. It really felt like, ‘Oh, this is a really clear indication that we’re not the cool club anymore.’”

However, Rock got his revenge.

He skewered Smith during the closing joke of his standup special Selective Outrage.

Smith’s public persona has been destroyed by the ongoing drama between him and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

The Oscars moment was the dam finally breaking.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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