Tucker Carlson made one audience-pleasing announcement that has the cancel culture mob gearing up

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Leftists thought they got rid of Tucker Carlson when executives at Fox News gave their number one host the ax. 

However, Carlson has only gained popularity and influence since separating from Fox. 

And now Tucker just made one audience-pleasing announcement that has the cancel culture mob gearing up.

Tucker Carlson takes his show on the road 

The Tucker Carlson Network has announced its founder will soon be embarking on a nationwide tour. 

The tour will hit 15 American cities. 

And Tucker won’t be coming alone – he’s bringing friends with him to each stop. 

Presale is underway now, with tickets fully going on sale at Ticketmaster this Friday. 

Carlson broke the news to his subscribers first with an email announcement Monday.

“Tucker Carlson will be in cities nationwide for his first-ever tour this fall,” the email read. “At each stop, he’ll be joined by some of our time’s most influential thinkers – including Megyn Kelly, Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Beck, Vivek Ramaswamy, and many more – to react to the latest election drama, world news, and cultural trends.” 

Tucker Carlson is making September great again

Carlson’s tour kicks off in Phoenix, Arizona on September 4, with Russel Brand joining as the special guest. 

He’ll head west the next day where the host will be joined by former GOP Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy in Anaheim, California. 

From there it’s off to Colorado Springs, Colorado September 6, where former Democrat Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard will make an appearance. 

There’s no rest for the weary, as the next night Carlson will head over the mountains to Salt Lake City, Utah along with his guest Glenn Beck. 

Carlson goes back on the road for a September 11 show in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his fellow host Dan Bongino. 

The host meets host events continue the next few stops, with Carlson joined by Megyn Kelly in Kansas City on September 12, Charlie Kirk in Wichita, Kansas on September 13, and Alex Jones in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 16. 

Carlson then travels south to Texas on September 18, when he’ll be just outside of Houston, in Rosenberg, Texas – the guest for that tour stop has yet to be named.

But it is known that when Carlson heads back north to Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 20, Kid Rock will be his special guest. 

After that, Carlson is still lining up a tasty guest for his September 21 show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 

Then it’s back to the Lone Star State, this time in Fort Worth for his September 24 show, where Rosanne Barr will join him on stage. 

He’ll then go all the way to the east coast for a stop in Greenville, South Carolina along with two guests – Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts. 

The tour wraps up with two Florida stops. 

The first is down south, in Sunrise, Florida on September 27. 

The guest for that event is still unannounced – perhaps Republican Governor of the Sunshine State Ron DeSantis could fit the bill? 

And for his final stop, Carlson will be in Jacksonville on September 28 with Donald Trump Jr. by his side. 

Left-wing protesters readying? 

While Carlson fans are already excited for the opportunity to see him live – others are getting triggered by the mere idea of Tucker’s presence. 

“Thanks for the warning,” one TDS sufferer tweeted. “Why don’t you go back to Russia?” 

If history is any indication, Carlson, his guests and event attendees could likely expect to be met with protesters on many, if not all of his tour stops. 

Dr. Jordan Peterson has similarly toured the country and even the globe. 

His current tour, We Who Wrestle with God, has attracted radical left-wing protests. 

For example, in Wichita – one of the cities Carlson will also be visiting – unhinged protestors gathered outside the auditorium and lined up down the block. 

According to Wichita State’s student-run newspaper, The Sunflower, Students for Justice for Palestine organized the protest. 

Many carried Palestinian flags, held signs with slogans like the antisemitic refrain, “from the river to the sea,” and some were wearing hijabs. 

As tensions began to mount, security officers were forced to the scene. 

Given the profile of Carlson and many of his guests, similar type protests are likely. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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