Elon Musk just laid out the Democrats’ 2024 strategy with one stunning comment

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The Left are mobilizing for the election in November.

They are determined to pull off a repeat of 2020 when they dragged Joe Biden across the finish line.

And Elon Musk just laid out the Democrats’ 2024 strategy with one stunning comment.

It’s no secret that the so-called mainstream media and Big Tech lean to the Left.

For example, prior to Elon Musk’s arrival at Twitter, over 99% of employees’ political contributions went to Democrats.

Such political echo chambers influence the company’s output, which is a problem when the company’s job is to disseminate true information.

That’s why Google has recently been under the microscope.

The corporation launched its artificial intelligence platform Gemini, which has been widely mocked for over-the-top “woke” responses, so much so that Google apologized for the product launch.

But the problem is not that the AI rollout was a flop; the problem is that the bias of the people programming it is going to influence the information that people access.

Left-wing bias

Media analytics company AllSides did an analysis of Google News and reported that “63% of articles that appeared on the news aggregator over a 2-week period were from media outlets on the left. This is a larger share than in 2022, when 61% of articles on Google News were from liberal outlets. In 2023, 6% of articles were from sources on the right; in 2022, just 3%.”

So Google users are ten times more likely to see news sourced from the Left than the Right.

In response to the AllSides report, Independent Journalist Tim Pool commented, “Google is rigging the 2024 election.”

Musk responded to Pool’s tweet with one word: “Concerning.”

Artificial information

The problem of Big Tech bias is only going to compound when AI becomes more prevalent.

Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen argued that “Big Tech AI generates the output it does because it is precisely executing the specific ideological, radical, biased agenda of its creators. The apparently bizarre output is 100% intended. It is working as designed…The draconian censorship and deliberate bias you see in many commercial AI systems is just the start. It’s all going to get much, much more intense from here.”

If people are only exposed to one side of an argument, or they’re fed completely fake information, it becomes much harder for them to participate in the political process in a productive way.

In 2020, Facebook and Twitter suppressed the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell story.

AI platforms have the power to completely rewrite history.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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