Elizabeth Warren’s brazen censorship scheme has Americans demanding answers

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When George Orwell penned his seminal novel 1984, the work was considered a piece of fiction.

However, many of his themes and plots from this novel are now a reality, particularly the government’s opposition to free speech.

And Elizabeth Warren’s brazen censorship scheme has Americans demanding answers.

Democrats are working tirelessly to stifle free speech

For years, Democrats have resented any sort of speech that gets in the way of their radical agenda.

This was especially obvious during the pandemic when Democrat politicians worked directly with Big Tech companies to censor and silence anyone who defied their COVID narratives.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is one of the biggest enemies of personal liberty and the First Amendment in Washington, and her latest legal drama proves just how far she will go to silence her enemies.

In September of 2021, Senator Elizabeth Warren penned a letter to Amazon, which she shared on her website, requesting that a book titled “The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal” by Ronnie Cummins and Joseph Mercola be banned from the website.

Elizabeth Warren claimed that the book contained what she deemed to be “misinformation” in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response, the authors of the book sued Senator Warren claiming that her public letter caused “reputational harm,” as it “disparaged the book by claiming that the book perpetuated dangerous falsehoods that have led to countless deaths.”

However, earlier this week Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Paul Watford sided with Sen. Warren stating in his decision that: “Elizabeth Warren, as a single Senator, had no unilateral power to penalize Amazon for promoting the book. This absence of authority influenced how a reasonable person would read her letter.”

He added, “Senator Warren’s letter did not cross the constitutional line between persuasion and coercion.”

Democrats like Elizabeth Warren will do anything to advance their extreme agenda

Elizabeth Warren’s request to have a book banned because it does not fall in line with her political narrative is a prime example of the lengths Democrats will go to silence their opposition.

The freedom of the press is one of the most fundamental rights in America, and it is no coincidence that the Founders put it in the very first amendment.

Elizabeth Warren’s move is just one of many attacks from Democrats in recent years on core American freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights.

Instead of requesting that the book be banned, Elizabeth Warren should have made a statement disagreeing with the book, and explaining why.

Disagreeing with a book or political claims is what democracy is all about, and Elizabeth Warren’s actions are fundamentally un-American, regardless of what the courts say.

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