Democrats are learning censored Social Media posts can plague them too after Gavin Newsom sleep-walked into a scandal

Democrats usually have no qualms shoving whatever they think down the public’s throat.

That’s especially true on Social Media.

But Democrats are learning censored Social Media posts can plague them too after Gavin Newsom sleep-walked into a scandal.

Prominent politicians are always being shoved down the public’s throat.

So it becomes newsworthy when someone like California governor Gavin Newsom goes dark for nearly two weeks.

California governor Gavin Newsom was incommunicado for nearly two weeks.

He just resurfaced at a conference, but didn’t do much to dispel rumors about his conspicuous absence.

Prior to the event, Newsom was last seen publicly getting a COVID booster shot.

After that, he went completely off the grid, which raised speculation about whether or not he had an adverse reaction to the booster.

Even The New York Times began to speculate about his disappearance from the limelight.

During Newsom’s offline days, his wife tweeted in defense of the governor, then deleted it, adding to the confusion.

Making Newsom’s sabbatical more confounding is the fact that he was set to speak at the COP26 climate change extravaganza in Glasgow, Scotland.

Many suggested that appearance was going to be his audition as a Democratic presidential candidate.

But he chose to cancel the momentous event because his kids wanted to go trick-or-treating, he claimed.

Newsom rambled:

“I signed up to go to Europe and I was ready to go and have that dinner, [inaudible] this dinner with the family. And the kids literally, they kind of had an intervention, they said they couldn’t believe that I was gonna miss Halloween…And we got a five-year-old, my oldest is 12, four young kids. And I’m defending myself, I gotta go honey, this and that. And my wife was gonna go as well. And, you know, mom and dad missing Halloween, for them that’s worse than Christmas, missing Christmas.”

That is an insane explanation for someone with presidential aspirations.

Newsom did nothing to allay suspicion that he might’ve suffered some sort of vaccine injury.

It would make sense considering the COVID regime has been adamant about downplaying any ill effects from the vaccine.

The fact Newsom was even getting a booster shot breeds skepticism about the efficacy of these vaccines that are being mandated to the public.

Newsom’s wife deleting her tweet about her MIA husband only adds to that.

And even though it was a Democrat censoring themselves, perhaps it will help Democrats learn social media censorship can cause problems when a post suddenly disappears. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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