Democrat plans to bankrupt Trump might have hit a huge roadblock

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The Left is on a mission to destroy Donald Trump.

Throwing him in jail is only half the battle.

But Democrat plans to bankrupt Trump might have hit a huge roadblock.

Democrats’ lawfare against Donald Trump has hit unprecedented levels.

He is facing dozens of indictments in multiple jurisdictions.

Perhaps the nastiest tactic being used against Trump is occurring in New York, where state Attorney General Letitia James is threatening to seize Trump’s properties.

Marked man

James, who campaigned on “get[ting] Trump,” could not find a criminal statute with which to charge Trump, so she brought a bogus fraud case.

James sued Trump for overestimating the value of his buildings on loan applications even though there was no injured party; Trump paid back the loans with interest, and the banks said that they would like to do business with him again.

Nevertheless, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled in summary judgment that Trump committed fraud and ordered him to pay over $300 million in penalty, including an additional $100-plus million in interest.

The outrageous penalty, which has never been levied in such a case, was intended to break Trump financially and establish a pretext to seize his properties.

Though Trump has a net worth in the billions, most of his wealth is in real estate holdings, which are illiquid.

Virtually nobody has nearly half a billion dollars of cash lying around.

But the plan might have blown up in the Democrats’ faces.

Big windfall

Trump could be flush with a lot of cash very soon because his social media app Truth Social could soon go public.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “Trump’s winning lottery ticket would come from Truth Social, the social-media platform he launched in 2021. After a twisted path that included tens of millions of dollars in losses and insider-trading convictions, the shell company taking Truth Social public became the market’s latest meme stock. Trump’s supporters banded together to push up the stock, valuing Truth Social to a staggering $6 billion.”

So Trump could have an influx of billions from Truth Social’s IPO.

That would put a snag in the Democrats’ plans to leave him penniless in prison.

The New York fraud case might have backfired in another way, too.

Even people who despise Trump have acknowledged that the fraud case might have been a bridge too far.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul tried to assure investors that the Trump fraud case was a special circumstance.

However, New York Democrats appear to be clearly hostile toward people and organizations that they clash with ideologically.

For example, gun manufacturer Remington finally left New York after centuries.

Democrats have lost the plot in their attempts to take out Trump.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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