Court filing shows Merrick Garland’s FBI wants to bury one Hillary Clinton-linked crime

The establishment and their allies in corporate-controlled media worked feverishly to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

But they want people to forget all of the shenanigans that actually went down in 2016.

And a new court filing shows Merrick Garland’s FBI wants to bury one Hillary Clinton-linked crime.

The Russiagate investigation has boomeranged on the Democrats.

They thought it would be the bombshell that removed Donald Trump from office.

Though the establishment coup against Trump failed, it did undermine his first two years as President.

But Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation showed that Hillary Clinton was responsible for initiating the Russiagate hoax.

Top Clinton adviser Robby Mook admitted in open court that Clinton authorized her team to leak a fake story to the press about Trump having connections to a Russian bank.

FBI asked judge to leave documents in DNC staffer’s murder sealed for over 6 decades 

Another loose end related to 2016 that has gone unanswered is the mysterious murder of a DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Rich was a Bernie Sanders supporter, which led people to speculate that he gave information to WikiLeaks after the DNC rigged the primary in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

That theory completely undercut the approved narrative explanation that Russia hacked the DNC servers on behalf of Trump; some cybersecurity experts disagree with the Russian hack theory.

Nevertheless, Rich was murdered in the middle of the 2016 Presidential campaign in a supposed late-night robbery, but nothing was stolen and no suspects were ever found.

Now the FBI is fighting tooth and nail to keep the contents of Rich’s computer sealed for 66 years.

The Epoch Times reported that “the FBI is asking a U.S. court to reverse its order that it produce information from Seth Rich’s laptop computer. If the court does not, the bureau wants 66 years to produce the information. Rich was a Democrat National Committee staffer when he was killed on a street in Washington in mid-2016. No person has ever been arrested in connection to the murder…The FBI’s assertion that the privacy interest Rich’s family members hold outweighed the public interest was rejected by Mazzant, who noted the bureau cited no relevant case law supporting the argument…The FBI, after claiming it never possessed Rich’s laptop or any information from it, acknowledged in 2020 that it had thousands of files from the computer.”

The files on Rich’s computer could help solve some of the puzzle pieces that remain from 2016.

But the feds are standing in the way for now.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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