Bill Maher sparked a jaw-dropping reaction from Joe Biden with one question

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Bill Maher is deeply annoyed with “wokeness.”

But he will never turn his back on the Democratic Party.

And Maher sparked a jaw-dropping reaction from Joe Biden with one question.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are deeply concerned about the 2024 election.

Recent polls show Donald Trump with a lead over Biden, despite wall-to-wall Orange Man Bad coverage.

That’s why Hollywood celebrities are being pressed to voice their support for Biden to encourage voters to the polls.

For example, the New York Times recently reported that the Biden Administration is hopeful pop superstar Taylor Swift will again endorse Biden.

But one entertainer refused to openly endorse Biden, then suffered an outrageous consequence immediately thereafter.

Hip-hop artist Mike Render, who goes by the stage name Killer Mike, appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO show and was pressed about whom he would support in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Former “Bernie Bro” arrested

Render supported Bernie Sanders in the past, but he also holds some conservative views; he is against gun control, and he has promoted the works of Thomas Sowell.

Maher asked Render about Biden versus Trump, and he responded, “My feeling is pick your policy, not your person… This is not the Dallas Cowboys versus your favorite team. This is the policies that will affect our generations for the next 20, 30, 40 years to come. So close your eyes, listen to the policies that are being pushed, and pay attention even to the people who don’t have a chance of winning because they’re gonna say policies you may want to push. And I would say do that. But make it policy-based.”

But Maher persisted and was incredulous that Render would not reflexively support Biden.

Maher said, “But you’re not saying one candidate over the other?”

Render again would not endorse Biden.

Maher pressed, “But you can’t get yourself to say vote for Biden over Trump?”

Render responded, “You want me to list it? … Can he get himself to apologize for the crime bill? Can he get himself to get his head out of his ass and say: ‘Black people, you are black regardless. I need you to tell me what I need to do.’ Can he pick a coalition of people who were affected by drug laws, street gangs, recidivism, and crime and say: ‘I need you at the board to advise me how to fix federal prisons’?”

Arrest followed a not-so-subtle swipe at Biden

When Render said, “You are black regardless,” that was a clear shot at Biden telling famous radio host Charlamagne Tha God that if he couldn’t decide between him and Trump, “then you ain’t black.”

Two days after Render’s appearance on Maher’s show, he was arrested at the Grammys after winning three awards.

Render was arrested for battery of a security guard outside the event.

But the video of the alleged incident did not show anything physical, certainly nothing that would warrant an arrest during an awards show.

Meanwhile, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on live television during the Oscars, and nothing happened.

Render’s dubious arrest sparked many to question if he was being punished for refusing to pledge an oath to Biden.

Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec tweeted, “2 days ago on Bill Maher, Killer Mike refused to endorse Biden. Tonight, he was arrested at the Grammys. What is going on?”

In Democrat-run cities, it seems like the only people who get arrested are the ones who question the regime.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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