Big Tech companies are in a full-blown panic after this landmark move

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Any parent can tell you that children these days crave technology.

Teens especially increasingly resemble zombies, mindlessly strolling around for hours on their cell phones.

But Big Tech companies are in a full-blown panic after this landmark move.

Florida is paving the way

With the rise of technology, more and more people find themselves helplessly addicted to technology, especially social media.

Children especially have become hooked to social media, which many experts attribute to problems linked to mental health and things of the sort with Generation Z. 

Lawmakers across the globe are determining the best course of action to regulate the use of the internet by minors, but little has been done on this front.

However, on Wednesday, the Florida House passed a bill that prohibits social media use for individuals under the age of 16.

The bill received bipartisan support, passing 106-13 and is on its way to the Florida Senate.

Although many parents laud this measure as a step towards limiting Generation Z’s dependence on technology, many experts warn that it could open Pandora’s Box.

Executing this bill requires state officials to establish digital IDs of some sort or another in order to effectively prohibit minors from accessing social media.

However, these fundamental aspects of the bill are rather vague in the recently approved legislation. 

Many fear that establishing these digital IDs practically grooms children from young ages to tolerate the concept of digital IDs.

Digital IDs are used in authoritarian nations like communist China, allowing governments to keep a very close eye on what people are doing.

Unsurprisingly, big government fanatics in Washington D.C. (typically radical Democrats) are the leading proponents of the establishment of digital IDs and central bank digital currency in America. 

Additionally, the bill vaguely determines what constitutes a social media platform, setting the stage for social media companies to find loopholes to retain their young customer base.

Nearly every website or digital program these days has some sort of social aspect, whether that comes in the form of comment sections or direct messaging features. 

Although Republicans and Democrats alike are rejoicing in Tallahassee, many Americans fear that this bill could cause more problems than it claims to solve. 

Digital IDs have become a top policy initiative for big government proponents around the world 

All across the globe, proponents of big government are avidly calling for the establishment of central bank-controlled digital currencies and digital IDs.

Some states in America, such as California, have already dabbled in these sorts of IDs.

Although proponents claim that it makes everyday life more secure, detractors are quick to point out that it completely strips individuals of any semblance of privacy. 

Many argue that the government already has far too much control and insight into the daily lives of Americans, and these measures would only increase the scope of the government’s surveillance efforts. 

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