Barack Obama should have seen this freshman GOP Rep. coming

A new Republican Congresswoman says leftist media outlets expect her to “roll over.”

Instead, she’s tearing into them.

And Barack Obama should have seen this freshman GOP Rep. coming.

When MSNBC published a hit piece claiming a new GOP representative is working with white supremacists she blew up.

Now Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) is revealing why she terrifies them.

The bit of yellow journalism was written by opinion columnist Julio Ricardo Varela who claimed Luna is a MAGA voice within the Hispanic community “providing cover for their white nationalist allies.”

He also added that so-called journalists should “avoid placing too much emphasis on a representative of Mexican descent who’s signed on to a political movement that began with the demonization of Mexicans.”

Luna hits back

The piece attacking conservative minorities turned Luna’s stomach.

“I knew that MSNBC did hit pieces, but when I saw that, I was more or less disgusted,” Luna explained in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“And it’s mainly because if you see what we’re really fighting for and by we, I mean- there’s many other members of this conference that are of Hispanic origins and then also to Black representatives as well. And then you see how the left really does try to box us into these stereotypes and then how they will try to just insult our integrity and insult our character and then to make such a claim… it was disgusting to me,” she added.

Luna says also pointed out that somehow Democrats who actually make racist and derogatory remarks regularly get a free pass.

“The reason I am conservative and the reason I am supportive of President Trump is because his policy positions are something that I support,” she continued.

If anyone is acting like white supremacists in the political realm, Jill Biden and Nancy Pelosi are prime examples.

“And I find it interesting that these same outlets that are trying to say that we are providing cover for this, quote unquote ‘white nationalist movement,’ not only is it insulting—one, me being a minority woman that’s a veteran as well, but also two, they’re failing to call out very high-profile elected officials that made very derogatory and stereotypical comments about Hispanics to include the first lady, Jill Biden. We all know that she referenced us as ‘breakfast tacos’ and Nancy Pelosi saying that if we don’t allow illegals here, ‘who’s going to pick the crops?’ I mean, you want to call out bigotry and racism or stereotypes, let’s start there,” Luna said.

“But to hit me on the fact that I’m a conservative and then act as if I’m providing cover for these people, I mean, it just, it just goes to show how much of a threat conservative minorities really are,” she concluded.

Democrats have played the race card successfully for decades.

But now they’re revealing their true colors and it’s obvious Barack Obama’s party has never been able to escape its racist roots.

Now, instead of debating with conservative minorities honestly, they’re slandering them in an effort to muzzle them and frighten others away from following in their footsteps.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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