Antony Blinken is searching for answers after House Republicans make these bold accusations

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Joe Biden and his Administration routinely poll very poorly among the American public. 

Many Americans are fed up with this Administration, which finds itself in new predicaments on a daily basis. 

And now Antony Blinken is searching for answers after House Republicans make these bold accusations. 

Joe Biden and his cronies will do anything to defend their censorship apparatus 

Multiple parallel investigations have turned up evidence indicating that the Joe Biden Administration has allegedly gone to great lengths to censor online content they deem as hostile to their regime.

Much of this alleged censorship has fallen under the guise of so-called “disinformation prevention,” which has become a fixture for many governments across the world. 

Most recently, House Republicans have come forward and accused the United States State Department of obstructing their investigation into the Burden Administration’s role in allegedly censoring Americans and American companies online. 

Some members of Congress alleged that the State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC) funded the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), a UK-based think tank that has allegedly played a big role in censoring conservative voices online. 

The GDI serves as a database for government censors, as it compiles a list of companies and media outlets that allegedly produce and proliferate “disinformation,” thus effectively serving as a blacklist.  

This blacklist has led to many media outlets and companies, mostly right-leaning, losing their advertisers, which is the kiss of death for most online businesses. 

In response to these allegations, Antony Blinken and the State Department have limited Congress’ access to supporting documentation solely to internal review, which some Republican lawmakers see as an effort to circumvent their investigations into the matter.

House Small Business Committee Chairman Roger Williams of Texas and Representative Beth Van Duyne of Texas levied these accusations and wrote a letter to the State Department’s  Global Engagement Center’s (GEC) special envoy, James Rubin, and Secretary of State for legislative affairs, Naz Durakoglu asking for more details. 

In the letter, Members of Congress Williams and Van Duyne claim that “Not only is this an impermissible standard, but it improperly hinders congressional oversight.” 

On Wednesday, Durakoglu responded to Congressman Williams and Van Duyne to “express the department’s deep concern regarding certain information that appears to have been publicly released by the committee without prior consultation with the department,” effectively thumbing his nose at the Republican lawmakers. 

Joe Biden will do anything to hold onto his vast censorship infrastructure 

Mountains of evidence have emerged, indicating that the Joe Biden Administration has abused its authority to circumvent the First Amendment in ways that America’s founding fathers would have never conceived. 

To add insult to injury, many Biden officials do not shy away from such censorship schemes, boldly claiming that they are required to prevent so-called “disinformation.”

Whether Biden officials admit it or not, these attempts to censor Americans online could have deep-reaching legal consequences. 

This depends on the outcome of several major court cases, most notably Murthy v Missouri, which could prevent Joe Biden and future Presidents from abusing their power by working with companies to censor Americans online.  

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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