All Americans should be put on notice after one jaw-dropping arrest

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Radical leftists are on the warpath.

The chaos is not limited to the United States.

And all Americans should be put on notice after one jaw-dropping arrest.

Western societies as a whole are under constant assault from fringe leftists.

It’s bad enough in America, but in some ways, it’s worse in countries that do not have a robust First Amendment.

For example, people in the United Kingdom can be prosecuted for online comments.

In Spain, a biological male who identifies as a woman was sentenced to six months in prison for “transphobic” online comments against another biological male who identifies as a woman.

Word police

Reduxx reported that the “Barcelona High Court has sentenced a trans-identified male to six months in prison after he was found guilty of committing a crime ‘against fundamental human rights and public freedoms’ for posting ‘transphobic’ comments on social media. The man, who has not been named, has also been ordered to pay a fine of 3,850 Euros (approx. $4,161 USD).”

The unnamed man was charged after he basically said that another trans-identifying man was not an authentic woman because he had not undergone genital surgery.

The target of the comments that landed the man in jail was a former prostitute and trans activist named Violeta Ferrer Micó.

The man posted online that Ferrer Micó was the “prototype of a f*ggot with tits” and said that “he can’t stand that I’m a woman and has a pathological dislike for me.” 

The threshold for being a “real woman,” according to the man who was convicted, was undergoing so-called bottom surgery.

This is how unhinged this “woke” movement has gone, and courts are going along with the madness.

Ferrer Micó claimed that he was “outed” as a result of the online comments.

He told the publication Newtral, “From then on, I felt I had to give explanations about my gender identity. Everyone at work found out through Twitter that I never had genital surgery.”

A Barcelona court ordered a task force for “internet radicalism” to investigate the social media posts.

The investigation concluded that the man was “not only belligerent with transgender women who are not operated but also with the LGTBI collective.”

Mass confusion

Inane stories like these are only becoming more common.

Spanish Psychologist and Author Carla López Moya told Reduxx, “This is an example of how the use of language far removed from biological reality generates confusion…News media should have been talking about two males who self-identify as women from the beginning…That a man believes that by amputating his genitals he is a woman…it is a sample of the dissociation that this doctrine fosters…It instills in people a belief that it is possible to truly change their sex, and it is not.”

Not only is gender madness confusing, but refusal to go along with it has been criminalized.

Far-left activists in the United States would love nothing more to start throwing Americans in jail in a similar fashion.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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