A major bank CEO exposed a bone-chilling “self policing” system straight out of China that’s set to wreak havoc in America

The globalists are tightening the screws to the American people.

COVID crackdowns were just a dry run for what could be coming next.

And this major bank CEO exposed a bone-chilling “self policing” system straight out of China that’s set to wreak havoc in America.

Globalist leaders like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted draconian COVID measures that the petty tyrants in the United States could have only dreamed about.

Crackdowns were bad in blue states, but Trudeau escalated to another level when he tried to seize funds and freeze banking privileges of people who participated in the Freedom Convoy protesting against COVID vaccine mandates.

That’s the type of Chinese Communist-style control the globalists want to exert over world populations, and they have a new method called ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores.

Companies and governments are being judged by their commitment to “woke” principles, and it’s being enforced by major investment firms and banks.

And Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan revealed as much.

During a virtual conference, Moynihan explained that the social credit system will “self police itself . . . because the investors are now trying to substantiate how they are investing consistent with ESG principles because the people who give them the money want them to do that.”

In other words, don’t count on getting investment loans unless you prove your strong commitment to meeting “green” ESG goals.

The elites would have everyone believe there’s some massive public outcry for ESG, but the truth is the ESG push has always been top-down, not bottom-up.

For example, asset management firms are using their considerable clout to bully companies into following ESG principles.

Now, Bank of America appears to be effectively admitting they’re pushing it onto their customers, whether they like it or not.

In a recent commercial, Bank of America even showed an investor tracking the ESG score for a particular company she was interested in.

This is yet another example of global elites trying to socially engineer a desired outcome.

They have talked about moving away from “shareholder capitalism” to “stakeholder capitalism,” which essentially means that the people who have a financial stake in a company should not be the focus.

Instead, “the people” more broadly should be the focus.

But “the people” in the equation are the elites who have decided by themselves what’s best for the masses.

And education initiatives starting in K-12 are promoting these ideas.

The next step will be censorship of ideas that do not foster ESG.

For instance, according to the global elites, the science is now “settled” on climate change when that is simply not true.

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