Two words about Monkeypox have Faucian globalist elites furious at this one world leader

World elites saw a future they wanted when most of the world initially went along with every COVID mandate during the early days of the pandemic.

But the iron grip eventually waned. 

So the Faucian globalist elites are furious at two words this one world leader just let slip about Monkeypox.

Globalist powers do not want to let go of the forever-pandemic.

They needed COVID as a pretext for implementing all sorts of authoritarian measures.

Fascistic Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proved that when he tried to seize the bank accounts of participants in the trucker convoy that protested against forced vaccination.

In the United States, Joe Biden would have gotten away with a vaccine mandate if not for the conservatives on the Supreme Court smacking it down.

And now, the global health authorities are using the threat of a viral infection called Monkeypox to justify more centralized control and lockdowns.

Bill Gates and the Faucians couldn’t believe their luck, with the news coming just as Americans have all but cast off the Covid regime’s authoritarian mandates.

But one world leader they never expected just threw cold water on their growing monkeypox hysteria – President Joe Biden.

“I just don’t think it rises to the level of the kind of concern that existed with COVID-19, and the smallpox vaccine works for it. But, I think people should be careful,” Biden told reporters over the weekend.

Surely, Biden’s globalist backers didn’t like that.

Newsweek recently reported on a Gates interview from last November being shared on the internet purporting to show Gates warning about future pandemics and insisting that the World Health Organization (WHO) break out the checkbook and form a new pandemic taskforce.

And it just so happens that the threat of Monkeypox—which was first discovered in 1958 and has never risen to the level of pandemic—suddenly became prevalent in the media leading up to a WHO summit centered on getting countries to sign a treaty that would defer power to the World Health Organization.

The Brownstone Institute immediately called out the coincidence, writing, “Elite media outlets around the world are on red alert over the world’s first-ever global outbreak of Monkeypox in mid-May 2022—just one year after an international biosecurity conference in Munich held a simulation of a ‘global pandemic involving an unusual strain of Monkeypox’ beginning in mid-May 2022…Monkeypox was first identified in 1958, but there’s never been a global Monkeypox outbreak outside of Africa until now—in the exact week of the exact month predicted by the biosecurity folks in their pandemic simulation. Take these guys to Vegas!”

It certainly is convenient that the Monkeypox simulation played out according to plan, right on the cusp of a potential globalist power grab.

And right on cue, the establishment media is shilling for the WHO, a corrupt global enterprise.

Bruce Y. Lee of Forbes wrote, “What if countries had warned each other earlier about the original SARS-CoV-2 and the emergence of new variants? What if countries had coordinated more on supporting and sharing research? What if they had more effectively pooled together knowledge and resources to further accelerate the development and implementation of new technologies and approaches for virus surveillance, prevention, and treatment? What if governments had banded together to negotiate better terms with vaccine, drug, and test manufacturers? What if countries had worked together to combat misinformation and support science? Who wouldn’t have wanted better global coordination since early 2020?”

Apparently, Lee forgot the part of the story when China lied about COVID to the WHO, which spread disinformation across the globe.

And now this is the same Lee that wants people to be concerned about Monkeypox but wrote, “The virus won’t turn you into a monkey or act like a monkey such as throwing your poop at people.”

The lesson of the Coronavirus pandemic was not that the WHO needed more money, power, and authority over local governments.

The lesson was that the so-called experts don’t know what they’re doing, and the further the experts are removed from local populations, the less they know.

It would be an absolute travesty if 194 countries turned over any authority to the WHO.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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