Twitter is implementing a new privacy feature that may be spying on you

Censorship by Big Tech and cancel culture are two issues no one paid much attention to before 2020.

Now it seems both are in the headlines on almost a daily basis.

And Twitter announced it is implementing a new privacy feature that could reduce this issue, but it may also just be spying on you.

Twitter says it’s working on a new “privacy feature” that would give users more control over who can see their Tweets and likes as well as their follower list.

According to some, this could help to reduce “cancel culture.”

If people can’t see what you’re doing, then one would assume they can’t attack you or as it’s now called “cancel” you.

But this is Twitter we’re talking about here, so there has to be an angle.

Twitter’s own CEO, Jack Dorsey, remained mum when asked why known Taliban leaders were allowed to keep their accounts but former President Donald Trump was banned.

So believing Twitter has its users’ “privacy” in mind is a bit hard to believe.

However, Twitter insists this new “social privacy” feature will allow users to manage their brand and identities on the platform better according to a recent Bloomberg report.

Some of the new features Twitter is considering include the ability to remove followers, which is currently only possible by blocking someone – archiving Tweets, which will let users hide or delete old Tweets after a set amount of time, hiding who can view Tweets a user has liked, and leaving conversations, which will allow users to remove themselves from a public conversation or debate on Twitter.

According to a Twitter employee, the driving force behind these changes is individuals and companies across the country fearing the effects of “cancel culture.”

“When social privacy needs are not met, people limit their self-expression. They withdraw from the conversation,” Svetlana Pimkina, a staff researcher at Twitter, told Bloomberg.

Whether or not Twitter will monitor who users are removing, which Tweets they’re archiving or how many old Tweets have been deleted is yet to be seen.

Skeptics say there has to be more to this and given Twitter’s past behavior they’re likely right.

It’s hard to believe the Big Tech giant who still thinks it’s okay to keep a former President of the United States off its platform cares that much about people’s privacy.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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