The FBI shockingly stonewalled one detail in the J6 investigation

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Permanent Washington has oversold January 6 as the darkest day in American history.

But most people are not buying that narrative.

And the FBI shockingly stonewalled one detail in the J6 investigation.

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th House Select Committee was monomaniacally focused on accusing Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection.

Glaring security failures were completely overlooked.

The J6 committee team dedicated to investigating security issues was effectively sidelined.

Ever since Republicans regained control of the House, they have been providing oversight as to exactly what happened on January 6, and the results thus far have been stunning.

The J6 narrative sold to the American people was largely false, and investigations into security failures led to more and more questions.

Now, a former FBI agent involved in the J6 investigation is revealing how his team was blocked from following a pertinent lead regarding the DNC pipe bomber.

FBI whistleblower uncovered details he was never supposed to

Kyle Seraphin, who led FBI surveillance teams as an agent, explained that he was tasked with surveilling a pipe bomb suspect who used a Metro fare card and drove off in a car.

The Metro fare card and the license plate were both tracked to a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant working as a contractor with a government security clearance.

Suddenly, Seraphin was pulled off running down the lead.

Seraphin told The Daily Wire, “Allegedly someone threw bombs around the Capitol which could have killed congressmen or a busload of nuns or anything, and the answer is you can’t follow this guy around — you have to go to headquarters and read ‘leads’ where someone said ‘I might’ve went to high school with some guy that was standing around the Capitol?’”

Seraphin also shot down the idea that it’s impossible for the FBI to track down the pipe bomber.

He continued, “They found people based on their earlobes that were hanging out by a flagpole…They can do telephonic capture and triangulate your phone in real time… The bureau is far too competent to fail this…When they had the World Trade Center bombing in ‘93 they went under four stories of rubble and were able to find a partial VIN number that they used to track it down to the people responsible. And you’re telling me you had a pristine, non-detonated bomb and they couldn’t find anything on it?”

Cell phone data 

The pipe bomber was captured on video using a cell phone, but the FBI said that it could not use geolocation because the phone company said the data had somehow been corrupted.

Seraphin’s account was essentially confirmed by former D.C. Field Office Chief Steven D’Antuono, who testified before Congress.

D’Antuono downplayed the Metro fare card lead and said under oath, “People like Kyle Seraphin and others that are not a case agent, have no knowledge of the case, have no knowledge of what happened in the case, he also made another accusation too that there was an individual with a Metrocard. My understanding is all that was chased down. There was a lead that was chased down, but he says that we didn’t chase it down.”

But D’Antuono did not explain why Seraphin’s team was pulled off the lead, who chased it down, and what they discovered.

The questions about J6 keep on piling up.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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