The FBI just ignored this liberal’s ‘criminal’ act that landed a conservative jail time

Photo by The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia

Joe Biden has weaponized the Department of Justice in truly frightening ways.

Having the wrong political opinions can come with imprisonment.

And now the FBI just ignored this liberal’s ‘criminal’ act that landed a conservative jail time.

Attorney General Merrick Garland sicced the FBI on parents who protested at school board meetings, and sadly, that was not even the most chilling action undertaken by Joe Biden’s DOJ.

Perhaps the most troubling political persecution was the arrest of online meme poster Douglass Mackey.

Before the 2016 election, Mackey joked that Hillary Clinton supporters could vote for her by simply responding to the tweet.

Five years later, when Joe Biden assumed office, old scores were settled, and Mackey was arrested for a civil rights violation.

The DOJ used a law from Reconstruction to suggest that Mackey disenfranchised voters with his joke.

He was sentenced to seven months in federal prison, but he is currently out on appeal.

However, a liberal comedian essentially did the same thing in 2016 but was never pursued by the FBI.

Jokes about encouraging the other side to vote on the wrong day are commonplace online, but it’s apparently only a crime when the Right does it.

FBI put on the spot 

Recently, another liberal account tweeted, “November 27 is the perfect day for maga to go vote for Trump.”

Election Day 2024 is November 5.

The conservative online account Libs of TikTok pointed out the obvious double standard.

Perhaps the most infuriating element of Mackey’s case was that the prosecution could not even find evidence that anyone who responded to the tweet did not vote.

Jokes lead to prison . . . sometimes

During an interview, Tucker Carlson asked Mackey, “[T]he claim is that you somehow stole people’s right to vote. Is there any evidence that that’s true?”

Mackey explained, “No. And the government said that they didn’t have to show any evidence of that at trial. They said the fact that there was a conspiracy was enough. They went around and interviewed people because they would have loved to put someone on the stand who didn’t vote because they thought they could text their vote. They couldn’t find a single person. They couldn’t even find people that—they went and looked up people that texted the meme, the number supposedly four years ago, and they couldn’t even remember doing it or they thought it was silly and they wanted to see what would happen.”

So, the federal government did not even need proof that anyone was “disenfranchised.”

All the government needed was a liberal Brooklyn jury.

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