The DOJ ignored Antifa terrorists, and it just blew up in their faces

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The Department of Justice has been weaponized against American citizens.

The War on Terror has been turned inward on the Right.

But the DOJ ignored Antifa terrorists, and it just blew up in their faces.

The D.C. Swamp is perfectly comfortable with left-wing terrorism.

That is why Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters were largely given a walk during the 2020 George Floyd protests.

Dozens of people died, and billions of dollars in property damage was incurred.

Left-wing violence

In Portland, which has been captured by far-left activists, Antifa thugs firebombed a federal courthouse for weeks and attempted to burn officers alive.

Nothing happened to the Antifa terrorists.

In fact, the press has written glowing profiles about “Antifa chic” and their “revolutionary” politics.

The so-called mainstream media was less concerned about Antifa’s thuggery and more concerned about an Antifa radical being temporarily detained by a federal agent.

The Left fear-mongered and said that Donald Trump was preparing to unleash the feds on “peaceful protesters.”

The asymmetry in the treatment of left-wing protesters and right-wing protesters is staggering.

Congressman Jerry Nadler called Antifa a “myth,” and FBI Director Christopher Wray said Antifa was merely an “idea.”

But the double standard backfired when a Judge in California allowed members of a right-wing group to go free because of “selective prosecution.”

Viewpoint discrimination

At a Trump rally in April 2017 in Berkeley, California, far-left agitators got into a fight with right-wingers, but the Left was given a walk.

District Court Judge Cormac Carney ruled, “Antifa and related far-left groups decided they needed to ‘shut this down.’ … They came prepared for violence, bringing weapons including pepper spray, fireworks, knives, and homemade bombs…And they used those weapons, as well as their bodies, against Trump supporters and law enforcement…No individuals associated with the left, who engaged in anti-far-right speech and violently suppressed the protected speech of Trump supporters, were charged with a federal crime for their part in starting riots at political events. That is textbook viewpoint discrimination.”

This has been happening all across the country.

Only now is it being called out by a Judge.

Judge Carney added, “Of the 20 people arrested at the April 2017 Berkeley rally, the government charged only Defendants and other members of RAM under the Anti-Riot Act. The government charged no members of Antifa, BAMN, or other far-left groups under the Anti-Riot Act for their use of violence to shut down the rally…To put it simply, RAM and Antifa, which both appear to use violence to silence protected speech, are identical in material respects—the only difference is their speech and beliefs.”

RAM (Rise Above Movement) is a group that holds ugly views, but they should not be singled out while Antifa gets a free pass.

Antifa members have literally killed people, and the media outrage was nowhere to be found.

Judge Carney also wrote, “By many accounts, members of Antifa and related far-left groups engaged in worse conduct and in fact instigated much of the violence that broke out at these otherwise constitutionally protected rallies to silence the protected speech of the supporters of President Trump. That is constitutionally impermissible. The government cannot prosecute RAM members such as Defendants while ignoring the violence of members of Antifa and related far-left groups because RAM engaged in what the government and many believe is more offensive speech.”

The Left has to stop excusing political violence on their side.

It’s bad no matter who engages in it.

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