Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook just got caught being big racist

Say what you want about supposed “hate speech” regulations on social media platforms.

But the truth is they aren’t fooling anyone.

Because Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook just got caught being big racist.

Big Tech wants everyone to believe their so-called “hate speech” regulations are noble.

That lie just got blown up.

Big Tech’s so-called “hate speech” regulations aren’t protections but really nothing more than another way for the Left to censor dissenting opinions.

And to prove it, internal documents show Facebook employees were okay with hate speech towards white people and men.

According to internal documents from Facebook, employees of the social media behemoth, urged executives to exclude criticism directed towards white people and men from the company’s hate speech policies.

These documents were obtained by The Washington Post and are shedding light on what these “hate speech policies” are really all about.

“Facebook researchers tried to change the company’s content moderation algorithms that automatically delete hate speech, because they viewed the algorithms as inadequately protecting minority users,” the Post reported.

According to sources, the effort began in April 2020 when a report showed that 90% of the hate speech algorithms were detecting and removing content directed toward men and white people.

So, obviously, in Facebook’s infinite wisdom, this had to be wrong because the Left doesn’t attack white people and men.

Sorry, Facebook, but in the last two years that’s the only people being attacked.

Researchers tried arguing there was a bias in Facebook’s algorithm.

Of course that’s nothing but spinning the truth to paint themselves in a better light.

In Facebook’s eyes these groups of people are never victims of hate speech because they just changed the algorithm to say what they want it to say.

The lies the Left tells are getting wilder and more disturbing with each passing day.

A spokesman for Facebook, Andy Stone, responded to The Washington Post’s story saying, “We did not implement all parts as doing so would have actually meant fewer automated removals of hate speech such as statements of inferiority about women or expressions of contempt about multiracial people.”

Big Tech with the help of Joe Biden and his regime, are hellbent on dividing the United States and taking it back to a time of segregation – a time most never thought they’d see again.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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