Law enforcement official just poked another massive hole in Pelosi’s J6 narrative

Photo by Speaker Pelosi via Wikimedia, public domain

The Capitol Hill riot has been used by the establishment to attack Donald Trump and his supporters.

But there are still many unanswered questions surrounding January 6.

And one law enforcement official just poked another massive hole in Nancy Pelosi’s J6 narrative.

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 House Select Committee was singularly focused on painting Donald Trump as an insurrectionist.

Almost no attention was paid to the numerous security failures that allowed for the Capitol Hill riot to take place.

Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Steven Sund, who was scapegoated by Pelosi, has questioned the establishment narrative about J6.

For example, former Chief Sund called the DNC pipe bomb a “diversionary” tactic to pull resources away from the Capitol.

And new evidence supports his theory.

The pipe bomb mystery

Kenneth Capolino, director of security for the RNC, who was a first responder to the pipe bomb near the RNC building, said that the J6 bomb plot explanations “make no sense whatsoever.”

Capolino, who also served as a Capitol Police Officer, told The Daily Wire, “Any of the IED awareness training I’ve been to with law enforcement, that’s like the quintessential training device…That’s exactly what it looks like…They set up scenarios like that so you know what to look for, so they have to make training devices…There was so much about January 6, but nothing about the pipe bombs, which I thought was so, so strange…I was two feet from it. Why would someone construct a device with a one-hour kitchen timer, place it 8:30 p.m. the night before, if they intended for it to detonate 16 hours later?”

That question has never satisfactorily been answered.

It has led Congressman Thomas Massie and others to conclude that the pipe bombs were not real, but the FBI claimed that the devices were operable.

However, if they were operable, the actions caught on video outside the DNC are baffling.

The Secret Service, along with bomb-sniffing dogs, did not detect the bomb underneath a bench outside the DNC even though Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was in the building.

And after an off-duty Capitol Police Officer notified local law enforcement officers about the pipe bomb, they showed zero urgency in clearing the area.

Johnny-on-the-spot government contractor

Also, Karlin Younger, the woman who found the bomb near the RNC, worked for a defense contractor with deep ties to federal security agencies.

When Younger found the bomb, she purportedly inspected it to see that the timer was stuck on 20 minutes, then leaned in to listen if it was ticking.

An anonymous security analyst told Independent Journalist Michael Shellenberger, “Rather than worry about her safety…[Younger] was more interested in determining the status of the pipe bomb. She leaned down and placed her ear near the device to listen if the timer was ticking. Who in their right mind would do such a thing?”

Good question.

Unfortunately, few people are asking or demanding answers to it and the other baffling mysteries surrounding the January 6 pipe bombs.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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