Capitol Police Officer just exposed another massive January 6 falsehood

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The cover story about January 6 is falling apart.

The D.C. Swamp does not want to get to the bottom of what happened.

And a Capitol Police Officer just exposed another massive January 6 falsehood.

Permanent Washington was eager to turn January 6 into an open-and-shut case of an attempted insurrection orchestrated by Donald Trump.

However, Trump did not plot a coup, and it’s becoming more clear that there was a concerted effort to turn January 6 into a calamity.

Capitol Police calling foul

Former Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnson was the first to publicly come forward and call January 6 a setup.

Johnson contended that former Assistant Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman, who was in charge of intelligence, intentionally dropped the ball and caused security failures.

For instance, Johnson claimed that Pittman would not give officers the green light to move members of Congress after the breach.

Johnson took the initiative and evacuated the building instead of waiting for Pittman to break the radio silence.

That was one of many security failures that happened on that day.

Now, Johnson is highlighting a recent interview between Independent Journalist Lara Logan and Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk, who validated Johnson’s claims about January 6.

Johnson wrote a Twitter message to his former colleagues that read, “I know some of you are angry with me on how I set upon this mission but please understand I had to do this without a blueprint. January 6th was an ABSOLUTE set-up. Some very powerful people set-up demonstrators that came to the Capitol and those same people set-up the officers to get hurt by demonstrators by gaslighting their actions to commit violence and then called it an Insurrection…I am [now] fighting for accountability and if the country would like to give Pittman and Farnam passes for their leading roles in the set-up and Manger and Newell passes for their leading roles in the cover-up, I will accept that and move on to the next phase of my life whatever that is…Special thanks to Congressman Loudermilk and Lara Logan for their sacrifices in this fight for Justice. God bless.”

“Where evidence leads”

During the interview, Logan asked, “Is [J6] potentially the biggest setup in the history of this country?”

“Potentially,” Loudermilk answered.

Logan continued,  “One of the greatest crimes against the American people?”

Loudermilk responded, “That’s why it’s so important to get the truth with this. That’s what we’re working for, and the coverups that happened after January 6 is what I’m really after as well.”

Logan followed up, “What about the Republicans involved in those coverups? I know it’s hard for you to address those things. This is your own party, but this is the reality.”

“We’re gonna go where evidence leads,” Loudermilk said.

The security failures, the radio silence, the pipe bombs.

So much about January 6 does not add up at all.

The insurrection narrative is in shambles.

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