Bill Gates sold the country up the river with this shocking move

Joe Biden and his globalist pals like Bill Gates don’t care about American values.

They consider themselves citizens of the world and view the U.S. Constitution as a nuisance.

And Bill Gates sold the country up the river with this shocking move.

Big Tech companies like Bill Gates’ Microsoft do not view themselves as American companies. 

They are multinational corporations with interests that are not aligned with American values.

For example, new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal said that the company is not “bound by the First Amendment.”

And investigative reporter Peter Schweizer revealed in his new book Red Handed how Microsoft helped the Chinese Communist Party surveil its own citizens.

Schweizer reported that, “Microsoft also allowed PLA (People’s Liberation Army) officials to monitor chats on Skype that might be used for organizing protests and other dissident activity in the country. When asked about it, Skype said ‘Skype’s mission is to break down barriers to communications and enable conversations worldwide.’”

These companies do not care at all about civil liberties.

Google was working on a search engine tailored to the censorship and surveillance requirements of the CCP with Project Dragonfly, but it was supposedly scrapped after backlash once the initiative came to light.

Microsoft was clearly willing to help the CCP monitor citizens through its Skype product as evidenced by their vague statement.

It’s no surprise that Gates would be willing to do the bidding of the CCP.

In a recent Fox News interview, Schweizer explained:

“Bill Gates is an advisor to the Chinese government. He’s been given membership in something called the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It sounds great, but it’s actually a Chinese Communist Party-run organization whose charter requires members to be, you know, politically approved, and their responsibility is to advise the Chinese government on technical matters.”

Globalists like Gates are enamored with the CCP’s ability to trample over civil liberties and get things done.

World leaders like Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have publicly expressed admiration for the Chinese system.

Trudeau gave people a taste of what he would do if he had CCP-level control when he implemented fascist crackdowns on the Canadian trucker convoy.

It gets even worse.

Microsoft helped the Chinese military with artificial intelligence, which is a necessary tool for censorship because there are not enough humans to monitor the activities of 1.4 billion people.

Schweizer wrote that Microsoft “set up a research laboratory in China to work on artificial intelligence (AI) with a Chinese military university, an essential area of research that would have huge implications for the economy and on the battlefield. Microsoft even started taking in interns from the People’s Liberation Army at its Asian research facility.”

Gates and other top Democrat donors do not care about American values.

They are fully engaged with a globalist project and if that requires iron-fisted censorship, it seems they’re all for it.

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