Big Tech companies are scrambling after this botched rollout proves costly

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Instead of pursuing profits, many large companies have pursued the approval of the “woke” mob.

Major companies like Nike, Disney, and Budweiser have all spent millions trying to do so. 

But Big Tech companies are scrambling after this botched rollout proves costly.

Google Gemini’s latest debacle revealed the shortcomings of AI technology 

In just the last year or so, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become a household name.

Most people have read or heard about the rapid advances in AI and how AI could dramatically change every aspect of life as you know it.

Most technology experts would agree that AI could unleash a multitude of previously unimaginable capabilities, which explains why large technology companies have invested billions in AI development.

However, the recent rollout of Google’s highly anticipated AI program, Gemini, just revealed some of the shortcomings in the technology. 

Like any computer program, AI technology only works as well as the people who program it.

And as evidenced in Gemini’s rollout, developers at Google clearly place their “woke” ideology above everything else.

Soon after Gemini launched instances of Gemini rendering the Pope as a woman and the British royal family as people of color went viral across the internet. 

Other examples of Google Gemini’s overt “woke” bias soon followed, causing many to question Gemini’s legitimacy.

As a result of Google Gemini’s “woke” bias, many users are hesitant to use the program, costing Google billions.

Last Monday, Forbes reported that “Google parent Alphabet lost some $90 billion in market value Monday as controversy over the Silicon Valley giant’s generative artificial intelligence product made its way to Wall Street.”

Forbes added, “Gemini’s apparent bias is the latest flub by Alphabet during the AI arms race, in which rival Microsoft appears to be in pole position. Alphabet famously lost more than $100 billion in market capitalization on the day of the announcement of its AI chatbot service last February after the press release included factual errors made by the service.”

In a nutshell, developers at Google placed a heavy emphasis on diversity when programming Gemini, so much so that facts were ignored, even basic ones such as George Washington’s race.

As a result, Google has lost at least $90 billion in value, as well as any edge or advantage in the highly competitive AI market. 

Big Tech has not learned their lesson when it comes to playing “woke” games 

Following the riots of 2020, many large companies did everything in their power to appease the “woke” mob.

However, as Google Gemini has demonstrated, these “woke” actions have not helped them to create better products or help their bottom line.

Some companies and institutions have already started to move away from so-called DEI programs; however, large technology companies like Google do not seem prepared to make such a transition anytime soon. 

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