A top Biden pal could face serious charges over how he helped Joe Biden in 2020

Democrats and their media allies used all of their influence to get Joe Biden elected.

But some of it may have crossed the line.

Now, one top Biden pal could face serious charges over how he helped Joe Biden in 2020.

The entire Democrat machine went into overdrive to get Joe Biden elected.

That included Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg distributing “Zuck Bucks” around the country in order to “fortify” elections in key Democrat precincts.

But Zuckerberg may have broken the law in some states.

And Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel believes that Zuckerberg and other Big Tech CEOs need to be criminally prosecuted for breaking the law in the key battleground state of Wisconsin.

Mandel explained:

“You’ve got to go after them criminally because they don’t care about paying fines…For them, it’s just a cost of doing business, but you see what’s going on with Zuckerberg right now, the fact that he might have tripped Wisconsin bribery laws with the 400-plus million that he spread around the country.”

Mandel is talking about the “Zuck Bucks” spent in Wisconsin that could be considered bribery.

Wisconsin state Special Counsel Michael Gableman, who’s investigating the matter, said, “When I started this process, when I started this whole procedure, I had no other goal in mind than to find the truth. And while we don’t have it entirely yet, we’re getting it. One of the important truths that has to be mentioned is recited in Chapter 1 of our report. And that is that the Center for Tech and Civic Life [received] $8,800,000 [from a] Zuckerberg-planned grant with the cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and Green Bay facially violates the Wisconsin law prohibiting election bribery.”

Democrats and their allies in the media and Big Tech were hellbent on getting Biden elected in 2020.

That became clear after there was a concerted effort to shut down the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” story after it was reported by The New York Post.

Twitter and Facebook openly suppressed the story, and legacy media institutions dismissed it as “having all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.”

It turned out the story was true, but the damage had already been done.

A poll from the Media Research Center found that nearly 17% of voters in swing states would not have pulled the lever for Biden if they had known about the Biden Crime Family scandals.

Mandel continued:

“When they violate any criminal laws, they need to be investigated and prosecuted aggressively because that is, at the end of the day, the only thing that will make them wake up and make them listen and make them change their behavior….I think part of the strategy needs to be just to attack their absolute power from 100 angles at once. It’s like blitzkrieg, and they won’t know where it’s coming from. We’ve got to attack from different angles simultaneously all at once.”

Mandel seems intent on taking the fight to the “Big Tech oligarchs and thugs.”

And he’s far from alone in believing criminal prosecution might have to be on the table if multinational corporations are not going to follow the law at all.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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