You will not believe why this New Hampshire man was denied the COVID vaccine

Very few stories about people being denied vaccines are circulating the Internet.

Most headlines are filled with stories about everyday Americans losing their jobs because they’re refusing to get the vaccine.

So you will not believe why this New Hampshire man was denied the COVID vaccine.

A complaint has been filed in the state of New Hampshire by a white man who had “elevated medical risk to COVID-19” and was denied the vaccine based on the color of his skin.

Only in Joe Biden’s America can the President mandate a vaccine for certain people but deny it for others based on their skin color.

The complaint claims the man attempted to get a dose of the vaccine through the Public Health Council of the Upper Valley in Lebanon, New Hampshire, back in April of this year but was denied because at that time the council was only serving “people of color.”

The complaint has been sent to the Biden administration’s Office of Civil Rights.

The complaint reads in part:

“Earlier this year, New Hampshire established the use of racial and ethnic criteria to determine eligibility for COVID-19 vaccinations. Under the cover of ‘equity,’ the state’s racial set-asides excluded vulnerable people from access to the COVID-19 vaccine because of their race, national origin, and skin color. These actions are destructive to public health and patently illegal under our bedrock civil rights laws.”

In April, New Hampshire began rolling out its vaccine “equity” initiative, using millions of federal dollars that had been designated for COVID shots.

According to the complaint, using these funds in a discriminatory manner is a violation of federal law.

It’s moves like these that continue to solidify the fact that the response to the COVID “pandemic” is political.

Why else would states be denying vaccines to people based on skin color?

New Hampshire must be held accountable for its blatantly illegal discrimination.

There are a lot of people who have some serious explaining to do about the actions that have become so prevalent over the last 18 months.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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